What Is Podcast Hosting & Why You Should Care

As a soon-to-be podcast host do you know what is podcast hosting? Do you even care about this, yet? You might want to focus on your podcast content and hire a podcast coach or producer or assistant. They will help you get the podcast planned, launched and supported. Or you might want to Do It…

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Be Aware Of The Lure Of Free Podcast Hosting

be aware of the lure of free podcast hosting

Please Be Aware Of The Lure Of Free Podcast Hosting. I shared an article on my Podcast Progress facebook page  last week (27th January 2017) which was basically encouraging women to grab the opportunity and become involved with podcasting. It was shared elsewhere and sparked off quite an interesting conversation. In a nutshell there were…

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Podcast Producer? How Can A Podcast Producer Help You?

How Can A Podcast Producer Help You Podcast

How Can A Podcast Producer Help You? I frequently get asked ‘So what does a podcast producer do, exactly?’ Erm well it depends…. I can’t tell you what others do as there is a lot of variation in what people call themselves and what they do. But what I CAN share with you today is…

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How I Help You Podcast With Ease – A Powerful Case Study

Podcasting can seem overwhelming with technical jargon and processes to be followed. And time consuming. It doesn’t have to be that way. IF you are wondering 1. how this podcasting thing can work for you as easy as possible AND 2. what it would be like working with me THEN I thought you might like…

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My Podcasting Journey Wk 11 – Podcast Website & Getting Back On Track

January 2017 Back To Work. Unusually for me it’s taken me some time to get my head back into my work – just shows that I needed the break and that I was successful in ‘not thinking about work’ over the holiday period. And that’s very hard usually for us business owners isn’t it? Plenty…

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