Susan Weeks podcast producer - Relax I take excellent care of your podcast

This Is Such A Great Time To Launch A Podcast

The time is NOW for launching YOUR podcast. That's what you tell yourself, but actually getting it started, making progress with it and getting it launched to the world - well that's a challenge isn't it?

Stuck for time? Want someone else to do it for you? RELAX... You are in the right place.

Three Key Services from Podcast Progress

  • Podcast LAUNCH Service

    Give Your Podcast A Strong Launch – let’s get your podcast strategy sorted, your launch planning all organised, the techy bits tamed, your shiny new podcast into iTunes New & Noteworthy, and get people listening to it & talking about it…

  • Podcast Support Service

    Keep the momentum going on a regular basis. YOU create your podcast episodes… then I do all the rest. Get it DONE, on a regular schedule, without getting OVERWHELMED.

  • Podcast ReVamp

    Already have a podcast but unhappy with it – has it lost it’s way? Let’s review your progress and challenges, sort out a revamp plan and RELAUNCH your podcast so you and your new listeners give it the love it deserves.

About Susan Weeks & Podcast Progress

Hello, and Thank You for your curiosity today!

I know there are lots of smart business owners, & creative entrepreneurs, like you, who want to spread and share your information, your services, your help & encouragement more widely. Be heard above the noise...

Well, I help you to do that with a podcast.

I make it easy for you to have a regular podcast without it taking all your precious time & energy.

My main focus is Podcasting. Podcast Consultancy, Podcast Production Specialist, Podcast Marketing. Its just me - no team, no 'production house' - so you get a very personalised, tailored service, not a rigid service conveyor belt.

I focus on supporting you getting your podcast done and out there, so let's not sweat the small stuff and obsess about every um & ah. You are you, you are enough, and actually people want to hear from you. Not an over-edited, over-polished version of you.

So Let's get that podcast out of your head, off your to-do list and into iTunes.

Sound Interesting? I can advise you, support you and implement your vision... So Let's Connect and Get Started!