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Ignite Your Visibility & Expert Status - Launch Your Podcast

You want to spread your message to a wider audience. You want to build your expert, thought leader reputation. You think launching a podcast could  be your answer.

BUT you are not sure. There is plenty of conflicting, confusing hype around podcasting. You are getting stuck in research mode. Meanwhile, your competitors are doing the same. You really don't want them to launch a podcast ahead of you - do you?

Let me take you through 3 Powerful Podcast Steps and LAUNCH YOUR STRATEGIC PODCAST.
With Ease. Without Delay.

About Susan Weeks & Podcast Progress

Hello, and Thank You for your curiosity today!

I know there are lots of smart business owners, & technical experts, like you, who want to spread and share your information, your services, your help & encouragement more widely. Be heard above the noise...

Well, I help you to do that with a podcast.

I make it easy for you to have a regular podcast without it taking all your precious time & energy.

My main focus is Podcasting. Podcast Consultancy, Podcast Production Specialist, Podcast Marketing. It's just me - no team, no 'production house' - so you get a very personalised, tailored service, not a rigid service conveyor belt.

I focus on supporting you getting your podcast done and out there. I guide you through my structured process. No time-wasting. No Stress. No wondering what's next.

So Let's get that podcast out of your head, off your to-do list and out into the world.

Sound Interesting? I can advise you, support you and implement your vision... So Let's Connect and Get Started!