7 Reasons YOU Benefit From Podcasting In Your Business


When talking about podcasting with my business friends (or anyone else who will listen of course!), the questions soon turn to ‘why bother?’ What are the podcasting benefits?

Podcasting Benefits for Female Service Professionals?

I have been thinking about the challenges female service professionals face in getting their message heard above the generally male dominated noise in their business. Podcasting is a great way to highlight your unique message and voice and attract potential customers and clients to you. It is a great way to power your content marketing, as a regular podcast will be creating tons of regular content and ideas for yet more strategic content creation. I think that podcasting presents a fantastic opportunity for female service professionals. There are business podcasting benefits and there are also personal podcasting benefits.

So to explain those thoughts in more detail, and in no particular order, here are 7 reasons YOU personally will benefit from podcasting in your business. And if you are starting off something new, then creating a podcast around it is an excellent way of getting some traction and making progress.


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You Are Building Authority & A Unique Perspective

Having a podcast for your business gives you a format, a method, to share your experience, your expertise. And not only that, it enables you to do so with your unique perspective from your unique personality. Your enthusiasm for your subject, your enthusiasm for helping others, comes across very powerfully in audio. That is much harder to do by writing. These aspects all develop authority for you within your particular business area, and by regularly sharing insights, help, & accurate information, your potential clients & customers will feel that you know what you are doing, and you are the one to go to when they are ready to spend money!

Here is another post which explores podcasting for thought leadership

You Are Developing A Personal Connection With Your Audience

Your voice is in your listeners head, and that creates a very powerful connection. It also creates familiarity over time, so they feel they personally know you. It is a very personal way of connecting with new people, potential clients. And listening to your podcast will also help them to remember you – you stand out much more and become memorable from podcasting. Audio can be a very convenient way for someone to access your content. Here is a post I wrote about the privacy aspects of listening to podcasts.

Remember too that people like to learn in different ways, so providing your help and insights in a different format is attractive to people who prefer that format. So if people prefer to listen – they can.

You Discover It’s A Great Way to Create Engaging & Interesting Content

When you have a podcast you have to release episodes on a regular and consistent basis to create growth. So you have the magic of a deadline! And it is typically much easier than writing. Yes you still need to prepare but a natural flow is easier to achieve with a podcast. It doesn’t have to be so ‘perfect’ and if you are running an interview based podcast or have a co-host, then its a lot more fun that sitting at your keyboard wondering which word to choose next…

And every episode is creating content and ideas. The content can be re-purposed and recycled into an ebook, or more detailed blog posts, or edited into chunks and a simple video made to match the soundtrack. Take quotes and find a nice image and post on social media. Yes you have created your own relevant quotes – not some other recycled thing from someone else’s head.

You Learn From Other Like-Minded Souls

So when you have guests on your podcast, you are going to learn more on your mutual subject, and think about things from an alternative viewpoint – always a useful skill.

You Grow Your Audience, Your Network – And Make Friends

By promoting your podcast on social media, and anywhere you can, and by providing a unique voice and viewpoint on your subject area, and of course, creating interesting shows, you will be able to attract a growing audience. And that is not just the audience for your podcast is it? You are growing an audience for you and your business as a whole. You have a different opportunity to ‘grow your list’. Who DOESN’T want to do that? People will be encouraged to find out more about you and will connect with you, growing your professional network. And in amongst all of that, you will connect more deeply with some people and make ‘proper’ friends with them, sharing mutual goals and possibly new opportunities.

Here is another blog post which further explores this idea of podcasting as an enjoyable form of networking.

You Are Building Future Opportunities

Any podcast host I have talked to all highlight the opportunities that seem to come their way once they start podcasting. And amazingly, it’s often opportunities that they hadn’t even thought about as possibilities previously. You discover a demand for something that you could create a paid course or coaching program about. You are invigorated with fresh ideas and perspectives that erupt into a book. And you become in demand as a guest expert on other podcasts and online conferences. You build confidence to grow and do more.

You Develop Further Business & Leadership Skills To Support Your Growth

Many podcasters start off on their own, doing it all themselves. Well for a while anyway then they realise that they need some support, a team of some sort.

You may have escaped corporate life and already have the experience of developing and leading a team. But this time it totally is up to you – you are not stuck in some middle exec. chain of command.

And if you haven’t done the team building and leadership thing before – well you need to get ready and start. So in lots of ways having a growing podcast will make you think about that next step in growth and how you are going to achieve it, and how to support your podcast as it becomes more successful. You could hire the services of a project manager to take the load off you and leave you to create content and do what you love. Or develop the skills and have a go. Or hire online specialists, such as a podcast production specialist (like me 🙂 ), to get things done.

The main thing you have is a massive CHOICE of where to go and what to do next.

Podcasting is a fabulous opportunity for personal growth & development too.

Next Steps On Your Podcasting Journey

If you want to explore podcasting benefits for your business, why not take that next step and Contact Me? Let’s have a friendly chat!

I will listen to your ideas and suggest the best next steps for you.

If you want to learn more about the unique way in which I work with you, then my Podcast Services page would be a good place to start.

Are you ready to get started? I’m here to help  🙂

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