Having Audio Files On Your Website IS NOT Having A Podcast

not a podcast

I was chatting with someone last week about what is a podcast. They were telling me about some audio snippets and a recording of an interview they were featured in that they had put onto their website.

Their question to me, therefore, was ‘Well I have some audio files on my website – can I call that my podcast?’

No. Sorry, it’s not a podcast.

The special feature of a podcast is that it is a series of audio (or video) files that are released ‘episodically’.

You subscribe using a subscription service and then the files are automatically downloaded onto your device of choice, like your smart phone, tablet, or computer device, every time a new episode is released. A subscription service is something like iTunes, which you use to download and store podcasts on your computer, or mobile device, or smartphone – not just iPods!

The  key difference to just having audio on your website is that through subscription, a person subscribes once then the content automatically goes to their device when its released. They don’t have to remember to go looking for it. That is one of the powerful things about podcasting – its easy for your listeners to listen to you.

Create Some Audio Content Anyway

If you don’t yet have a podcast, then having some audio files on your website is another way of presenting your content in an alternative format for your website visitors. And its also easily shareable through social media and can be a good way of creating a quick mini-course too. It will enable you to practice  recording audio, which is a good thing too. Smart phones, ipod touch and other gadgets have voice recording apps on them, so its easy to get started.

And you never know, you might decide you like doing it and want to start a ‘proper’ podcast. If so, then  please go ahead and sign up for the Podcast Launch Planning Kit so you start off with a great process and strategy for your podcast.

Have Fun With Your Audio Content, However It Is Presented!


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