Being A Podcast Guest (Is Great!)

Being A Podcast Guest

Over the last couple of weeks I have been fortunate to be invited to be a guest on two really super podcasts.

The links are all listed here on my On Air page

Both are relatively new, and both are gaining a great following. And both are hosted by very personable, prepared & organised hosts. It was an absolute pleasure to take part in their shows.

The Let’s Talk Tech Show

First up was  “The Lets Talk Tech Show” hosted by Winnie Anderson. It is a weekly show that demystifies the software, services, systems, and apps needed to run and grow a profitable business today.  Winnie created the show specifically for the corporate escapee and the career changers who are experts in their own speciality but who are confused, frustrated, and overwhelmed by the technology needed to run a business these days.

Winnie asked me to talk about project management & ‘getting stuff done’.

This is something I have been honing my skills in since starting my IT career many years ago. And it is a skill I use on a daily basis as a busy single mum, with regular client work and deadlines, whilst also keeping a social life alive, being an active Scout Leader, having a love of being outdoors, keeping fit, and let’s not forget my great love of creative embroidery & textile art. Phew! It was great sharing the simple online tools, techniques & books that I use to help me ‘get stuff done’ and also to perform project management for clients as well.

The episode airs on May 24th, and when it does then I will update this post with the appropriate links so you can listen in.

Winnie also does an ‘After Show’ live Q&A session with her guest of that week, the day after an episode goes live. This is done on Blab, and yes I have agreed to take part in one after my episode airs. I am really looking forward to taking part in that – first time being on Blab too  🙂

Discover Your Talent – Do What You Love

Secondly was “Discover Your Talent – Do What You Love” hosted by Don Hutcheson. This is a daily show (!), which has been running just over a year. This show was recently featured in a list of  “35 Outstanding Podcast Picks From Entrepreneurs Like You” .  Every day Don interviews individuals who have discovered their true talents and how to use them to enjoy a life of success, satisfaction and freedom.

Don asked me to share my journey from mainframe computer programmer in a car factory to running my own business through various iterations of online services to where I am today, providing services around podcasting. This was also a fun and stimulating experience, which gave me a chance to reflect on what I have achieved since escaping corporate life 13 years ago. I hope it will encourage others to make a change (or changes) to their life to make it much more satisfying. It’s not an easy process but so worthwhile. I have done so many things I never dreamt of when starting my career with my ‘proper job’.

Again when that episode goes live I will update this post with the relevant links.

Being A Guest Is Great

In a nutshell, being a guest on a podcast is great. It gives you an opportunity to be yourself and to help others by sharing your experience, skills, or whatever it is you are being interviewed about. It’s a great way of expanding your network, attracting people to you & your business, and actually its a lot of fun. If you want to achieve these things too, then start looking through podcast directories, searching out podcasts in your niche, and connecting with podcast hosts.

You never know what opportunities can come your way from being a podcast guest.

It’s certainly something that I will look forward to doing again.



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