Podcasting… 3 Key Truths The ‘Gurus’ Rarely Talk About

blog 3 key truths of podcasting

What the ‘gurus’ rarely tell you… Podcasting takes time, work & patience. Yup. Podcasting tends to take more time, work and patience than initially expected! I am in a few groups around podcasting and observe a regular type of post being made. It is the typical post where a newish podcaster comes out of the…

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To Unplug Or Stay Connected? The Modern Holiday Dilemma!

unplugged holiday dilemma

Well August has been a lovely break from the routine of online life. I have had 2 different holidays pretty much back to back with a couple of days in between to unpack, do the laundry, then re-pack and go… The first holiday was a nice relaxing week in the sun in Tenerife. The second…

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My Podcast Journey Wk12 – Podcast Launch

blog my podcast journey stitchery stories wk 12 podcast launch

That is great to write… podcast launch. My podcast Stitchery Stories was launched last week. Stitchery Stories is where I chat with textile artists and embroiderers about their life in fabric and thread.They share their inspirations, techniques, disasters & delights. I haven’t written a blog post about my podcasting journey for several months. That’s because…

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Podcasting Strategy: 7 Things To Nail Before You Hit Record

Podcasting 7 things to nail before you hit record - image for related blog post

Podcasting Strategy: 7 Things To Nail Before You Hit Record In my last post I shared the story behind the story I told as the 3 minute introduction to a 45 minute live presentation on podcasting strategy.  I made the presentation as part of the Online International Virtual Assistants Conference on May 18th 2017. The…

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Podcasting & Story Telling… A Surprising Introduction To A Presentation About Podcasting

A 3 minute video of the introduction to a podcast presentation

A Surprising Introduction To… Podcasting: 7 Things To Nail Before You Hit Record Life can be rather dull at times, and certainly rather too serious as we strive to create content that ‘resonates’ with our audience. So here is a brief story about how I included a story in a presentation for an online conference.…

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