Changing my Podcast Website Theme

podcast website theme case study

Looking for a Wordpress Podcast Website Theme? Read my case study of changing theme to use Satchmo by Second Line Themes.

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My ‘word’ for 2019… Flourish!

blog post flourish in 2019

My word for 2019… Flourish I was in a discusison the other day and I was asked what my ‘word’ for 2019 was. I have to admit that up until that moment I hadn’t give it a minute’s thought. Anyway, straightaway the word ‘flourish’ popped into my head. Ok I thought – that’s my word…

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Why ‘best microphone for podcasting’ is NOT your most important decision

best microphone for podcasting is not most important decision

Looking for the best microphone for podcasting?Learn why that is NOT your most important podcasting decision. Please don’t start your podcasting journey by rushing off to buy a microphone.

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Fix your podcast title and podcast author tags – before Apple Podcasts kicks you out!

Fix your podcast title and author tags

If you have a podcast, please review your podcast title and podcast author tags. If you are planning on launching a podcast, don’t follow ‘old’ advice. Please take care with your podcast title and author tags. So here we are in the latter months of 2018. Podcasters are sharing stories about being kicked out of…

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What is a ‘professional podcast promoter’ – my thoughts and doubts!

what is a professional podcast promoter

Hmmmm. I’m feeling rather bored with weekly connection requests in LinkedIn from people who are apparently a ‘professional podcast promoter’. They have all originated from Bangladesh, and the messages are all eerily similar. A few have addressed me as Sir! Doh! Anyway this trend / plague got me wondering. What is a professional podcast promoter…

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