Facebook Live Audio Is Coming – Get Ready!

facebook live audio is coming

Facebook Live Audio Anyone? Last week I got excited when I spotted a post about Facebook Live Audio. There was a flurry of news and speculation about it back in December 2016, but it was somewhat tempered by the fact that some big hitters were going to be trying it out. The BBC World Service…

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What Is An Audiogram & How To Get One Created

what is an audiogram and how to get one

What Is An Audiogram? You may have seen them and not known their name. You may have heard about them but not known what they were. So, what is an audiogram? An Audiogram is a simple, shareable video which is generated from an audio file. Firstly, an image (or succession of images) is used as…

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Easy Audio Content Marketing – In 7 Simple Steps

Easy Audio Content Marketing In 7 Simple Steps

Audio Content Marketing Doesn’t Have To Be Hard! Creating great content for our content marketing activities takes time and effort – we all know that. So it makes sense to try and leverage whatever content we do create, and create other ‘spin-off’ content from it, in different formats, to share in more places. And audio…

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Do You Have To Podcast Forever?

Do You Really Have To Podcast Forever?

Do You Have To Podcast Forever? If you are thinking about launching a podcast for your business or hobby, the feeling of commitment can be rather overwhelming. I was chatting with a coach last week. She has done many interviews over the years, with some well-known, ‘high flying’ guests. However, she isn’t interested in a…

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Celebrating Speaking & Chatting

celebrating speaking & chatting

Did you have a break over the Easter holidays? I certainly did – hence no blog posts, no podcast work, and quiet social media for a couple of weeks. It feels good to start this next ‘term’ with a post celebrating speaking & chatting. I wonder what other celebrations I will have created for myself…

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