Learn How To Use ‘Zoom’ To Run Virtual Meetings

learn how to use zoom for virtual meetings

As the impact of corona virus on our businesses and lives grows rapidly I know many business owners are now assessing what they can do to ‘weather the storm’. Can you ‘go digital’ and run virtual meetings? Maybe this is the time to ‘go digital’ and think about what opportunities you have for creating business…

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What Is An Audiogram & How To Get One Created

what is an audiogram and how to get one

What Is An Audiogram? You may have seen them and not known their name. You may have heard about them but not known what they were. So, what is an audiogram? An Audiogram is a simple, shareable video which is generated from an audio file. Firstly, an image (or succession of images) is used as…

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Easy Audio Content Marketing – In 7 Simple Steps

Easy Audio Content Marketing In 7 Simple Steps

Audio Content Marketing Doesn’t Have To Be Hard! Creating great content for our content marketing activities takes time and effort – we all know that. So it makes sense to try and leverage whatever content we do create, and create other ‘spin-off’ content from it, in different formats, to share in more places. And audio…

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My Podcasting Journey – Wk5 – Podcast Website

Designing The Website For My Stitchery Stories Podcast Well it’s Week 5 and I am moving from ‘thinking’ into ‘doing’. My Guest List I have built my list of initial podcast guests, and have just about collected their contact details from varied sources depending upon how I know them! I was going to start using…

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Shindig For Podcasters – the next thing you will LOVE

As you may have noticed (!) there seems to be a lot of live video streaming tools, apps, & platforms coming alive, all with slightly different features and characteristics. Some are great for you to do a live video, presenting to ‘the world’. Some are great for involving a couple of others as well. Many…

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