Transform Is My Word For 2020

transform in 2020

My word for 2020 is Transform. I am changing my business model. I will focus on creating and selling online technology courses and also develop opportunities for my Stitchery Stories textile art podcast.

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My ‘word’ for 2019… Flourish!

blog post flourish in 2019

My word for 2019… Flourish I was in a discusison the other day and I was asked what my ‘word’ for 2019 was. I have to admit that up until that moment I hadn’t give it a minute’s thought. Anyway, straightaway the word ‘flourish’ popped into my head. Ok I thought – that’s my word…

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My Biz, My Way, My Solopreneur Story

blog image - my biz my way my story susan weeks podcast progress

September 2008 What Shall I Do? It’s September 2008, I am living in Northern France and I’m at a massive personal and professional crossroads. Do I apply for a job at the local supermarket? Or do I apply for a job at the chicken factory? Surely there must be another way? Can I be a…

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New Year Goals? Some New Ideas For Success Without Struggle

Achieve Your Goals With Friendly Support

Well the year-end has been and gone. The winter solstice was a few weeks ago already and we are not yet counting how many sleeps until Santa makes his next superhuman voyage around the world. In amongst all the festive frenzy, I enjoyed taking time out to think about what I have achieved. What went…

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Year End Reflections Can Be Creative And Fun

blog post image: Year End Reflections Can Be Creative And Fun

Ah yes – it’s the end of the year and we not only have the frenzy(!) of festivities to deal with, but we are all seemingly inundated with stuff about ‘Goal Setting’, and making next year our ‘best year ever’ and so on and so forth. Year end reflections. And really, some of us like…

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