Is 2017 YOUR Year For Podcasting?

OK it’s the start of the New Year and there are the usual blog posts and articles about how podcasting continues to grow and that 2017 is going to be a really BIG year for podcasting. I’ve posted a few on my Facebook Page recently that you might find interesting. For sure the trend in…

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My Podcasting Journey – Wk8 – Connections & Courage

So it’s week 8 already in my journey towards launching my own podcast and being a podcast host! A week where my client projects took precedence in my diary, but I still made some small steps towards this goal of launching my podcast. And that is the thing about working towards any project or goal,…

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My Podcasting Journey – Wk7 – Looking Ahead & Talking

Well – after the podcast procrastination attack of last week, I feel as if I have got back on track somewhat. I have a couple of interviews scheduled and I am looking forward to them. It has been an interesting exercise in just organising and preparing for these interviews as the majority of my guests…

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