My First Livestream To Celebrate International Women’s Day 2017

being bold on International Womens Day

Nothing about podcasting today – or even audio – today I am celebrating 2 things. I am celebrating International Women’s Day 2017 with the theme of #BeBoldForChange.  I am also celebrating being brave and doing my very first Facebook Live live-streamed video.

Taking Part In A 24hour Facebook Live Event

I was asked to take part in a 24hour Facebook Live event to help celebrate International Women’s Day 2017. It was organised brilliantly by Ali Price from her MotivatingMum Facebook Page. The idea was that every 15 minutes throughout the 24 hours of IWD2017, a woman would ‘go live’ on the page and share their 10 minutes of chat, insight, advice, inspiration, story… Because Ali is in Australia, the start of IWD in Oz was early afternoon here in the UK so my slot was actually 4pm on March 7th. The event was fantastic and uplifting to be a part of – something rather special in fact.

Why Is There Still Discrimination?

Anyway, I thought about what I wanted to say, and what started to formulate and demand to be spoken was the issue of discrimination particularly in technology, a subject dear to my heart. Other issues popped up during the day which  saddened. Even in 2017 and with all the victories in equality and society that women have achieved, we still see discrimination. We still see attitudes which seek to shackle women, silence them, diminish their achievements. Idiotic beliefs that women are less intelligent, idiotic rules demanding that women wear high heels all day at work, and so it goes on.

#BeBoldForChange … Being Bold & Finding Myself When Everything Changed

And then of course following the theme of being bold for change, there was my own story. Those bold moments where I took action to benefit my life, my family, my career and my business. It was in one of those bold moments that my online business was born. I started offering online marketing & video marketing services at my first website I still do work in those areas and recently have had quite a few referrals which are always welcome. And then of course, I developed more services in podcasting and this website and service was born. This is the service I actively market.

My Article Published On LinkedIn

If you want to read more details I have written a longer post and published it on LinkedIn.

My First Facebook Live Livestream

If you want to hear and see me on my Facebook Live debut… here I am!

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