Celebrating Speaking & Chatting

celebrating speaking & chatting

Did you have a break over the Easter holidays? I certainly did – hence no blog posts, no podcast work, and quiet social media for a couple of weeks. It feels good to start this next ‘term’ with a post celebrating speaking & chatting. I wonder what other celebrations I will have created for myself by the time ‘school’s out’ in July?

With a child at school my work falls naturally into ‘terms’. I am busy planning my goals and organising my schedule up to mid-July when school is out once again for the 6-week summer holidays. That happens in 12 weeks! As you might know, I really love using the planning system proposed in the book The 12 Week Year by Brian P Moran & Michael Lennington. I have made my newest 12-week plan and have a couple of highlights planned which I would like to share with you.

My First Online Speaking Gig

Coming up in less than three weeks is the Online International Virtual Assistants Convention http://www.oivac.com. I am very excited and happy to share with you that I have been asked to be a speaker at that event. YAY me! It runs 18th to 20th May and is entirely virtual – which is handy for single mums like me. The speaker line-up is still awaiting confirmation but there is an excellent list of speakers so far.

It is a pay to attend conference so if you fancy coming along – visit the event website, and sign up. You will let me know you are coming and say hello, won’t you?

The subject of my talk?
Podcasting: 7 Things To Nail BEFORE You Hit Record.

You can find more about it http://oivac.com/event/podcasting-7-things-nail-hit-record/

I’m really looking forward to spreading the word about how awesome podcasting can be…. if you start off with a great plan.
Hint: rushing off to get a microphone and start recording is not action number one.

So that is going to be the focus of my content creation and social media activities for the next couple of weeks. It’s fair to say that it is another opportunity to push myself out of my comfort zone. It’s a while since I’ve done much ‘public speaking’, but the experience I have been gaining with podcast & live stream video interviews all adds into the feeling of being excited and looking forward to taking part. I look for opportunities to push myself and try new things to build my presence on the internet.

My First Stitchery Stories Chat Recorded

The other main project I am going to focus on in these next 12 weeks is getting my own podcast Stitchery Stories up and running. I have documented my first steps in this project here on my blog, and then…… not achieved very much in the last couple of months. The main challenge has been getting interview guests to commit to a date to be interviewed. Within my group of textile artist friends there is a definite reluctance to take the leap and have a chat with me about their art! More on this in my next blog post.

However, I have recorded my first interview with Alison Larkin (www.alisonlarkinembroidery.com), and we really enjoyed our chat together. That is the emphasis I want to make with my potential guests – this is a friendly chat about a subject we love! I have time set aside this week to encourage some more talented embroiderers and textile artists to join in, take the plunge, and have a chat.

So, although one chatty interview does not make a podcast, I was happy to have achieved that milestone and had a little celebration with myself about it. It does us good to acknowledge our achievements, no matter how small they may seem.
I also had a celebration about taking part in OIVAC.

What accomplishments are you celebrating this week?

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