Content Marketing To Build Your Personal Brand

Content marketing to build your personal brand

We hear a lot about Content Marketing but it can be hard to know where to start for ourselves and our clients. Or, we start creating bits and pieces of content. We share it here and there, and follow the latest trends and shiny new tools. But what we don’t have is an overall strategy. We are “Committing Random Acts of Content!” Little wonder, therefore, that we see it as a time suck and we don’t see those great results that we hear about. Is this ringing a bell for you? You are not alone!

Content Marketing Mentor

You might not know that I am the Content Marketing mentor for VAClassroom University. I love helping fellow online service professionals within that community to learn more about content marketing, and share ideas. Content marketing is not only essential for marketing our own businesses, but it is a great service to offer to our clients. Not only that, but content marketing is an excellent way to build our own personal brand. And of course, podcasting is a brilliant form of content marketing. A podcast can be re-purposed and re-used in many different ways.

How To Build A Winning Content Marketing Strategy

Last week (14th February 2018) I was invited to take part in a Facebook Live event with Craig Cannings, the Founder of VAClassroom University. Our topic for the event was ‘How To Build A Winning Content Marketing Strategy in 2018. We had a great chat, covering practical aspects of content marketing strategy. We also shared our thoughts and stories around ‘The Science Of Attention’ and how we can make our content memorable. Of course, consistency is key to building momentum with our content, and generating success on our terms.

The video is at the bottom of this page. Some other useful links around the topics that we chatted around are also listed so you can get a wider view of what we were talking about. Oh, and I also included a link to that diagram that I was wafting about.  🙂

Content Marketing To Build Our Personal Brand

However, one point that cropped up a few times was how valuable content marketing is for building our own personal brand. It enables us to create content that reflects our personality and which attracts our ideal clients to us. We both had a few great stories to share about that aspect of content marketing too.

Let Your Personality Shine With A Podcast

This is where I think podcasting has a great advantage for us. It enables our personality to shine through. A podcast enables our listeners to really feel that they know us and that we are the ones who can really help them with whatever it is that we help our clients with. With my Stitchery Stories textile art podcast I am building an engaged audience from scratch as a showcase of what is possible with podcasting. I truly want you to experience that same excitement that content marketing and podcasting can bring to you.

Opportunity Awaits For Female Professional Services Practitioners

I particularly think that there is a fantastic opportunity awaiting fellow female professional service practitioners. Particularly, those of you who want to shine in traditionally male dominated environments. Shine above the suits as I see it! Shine your personality, build your personal brand, and attract your perfect clients into your law practice, accountancy practice, dentistry or medical practice, IT consultancy, architecture and so on. There is massive opportunity still for women to get into podcasting, and for women to podcast in our own unique way about our professions.

I am here to help, and understand all the issues involved…. do you know I started my professional career as a mainframe computer programmer in a car factory in the north of England 30 years ago. Truly I understand….

Get in touch, Let’s jump on Skype or Zoom and get clear on how podcasting can be fun, how podcasting helps you to shine and build your personal brand   as well as powering your content marketing.

Sounds good? Believe me – it is.  😛

Here is the video

I hope you enjoy it & learn something that you can apply to your business   🙂

We go to 55 minutes so you might want to grab your favourite drink to enjoy as we dig into building a content marketing strategy in 2018.


The Science Of Attention

Seth Godin: “Content Marketing is the Only Marketing Left” and 10 New Marketing Lessons

MOP Content Marketing Funnels Diagram

Sample diagram to illustrate how to develop a content marketing strategy for different stages and functions of your business

Craig also did some content sharing and re-purposing and created a blog post over on too!


[Video] How to Build Your Content Marketing Strategy in 2018





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