Do You Have To Podcast Forever?

Do You Really Have To Podcast Forever?

Do You Have To Podcast Forever?

If you are thinking about launching a podcast for your business or hobby, the feeling of commitment can be rather overwhelming.

I was chatting with a coach last week. She has done many interviews over the years, with some well-known, ‘high flying’ guests. However, she isn’t interested in a podcast. She doesn’t want to feel committed to a podcast over the long term. She doesn’t want the pressure of the schedule to keep the show rolling forward.

And that got me thinking…

The general thinking is that you start a podcast with a view to a long-term commitment to it. To developing it and growing its benefits over time. And there is almost this accusatory air of ‘you failed’ if podcasters stop podcasting – for whatever reason.

Whilst we are looking at the strategy behind wanting & having a podcast, the question is usually that of ‘do you have a subject that will sustain a podcast over the longer term’? The view is that podcasters want to have a long term ‘show’. So of course, there are those podcasters who set off all enthusiastically, record about 6 episodes and then ‘pod fade’ and fizzle out. That was a waste of time.


There are ways of having a podcast without feeling that you have to podcast forever.

You could frame it into ‘Seasons.’

You decide from the outset that you are going to record x number of episodes and that will be Season 1. Then there will be a break of several months and then Season 2 will kick in… etc. There are plenty of podcasts that follow that approach. Podcasters worry about keeping their audience and losing their audience and having to start again building it up again. It’s back to the reasons and goals you have for podcasting in the first place as to what is appropriate to you.

Don’t forget that, will you? It’s your podcast and you can run it how you want.

But when podcasters do this, they state that intention from the outset. They make it clear it is a series, of however many episodes. They make it clear when the next series will start. Their audience knows this. They know what to expect.

You could also frame it as a ‘Mini-Series.’

A specific number of episodes will be created. and then there will be no more. Ever.
Why do this? Well it might be a subject or an event with a natural lifespan. A podcast might be set up to celebrate a specific ‘year’ of something. Once that year is over, then the podcast no longer has relevance.

Or how about a subject that is limited by a decision about number. I came across a great podcast a while ago, by the BBC, ‘50 Things That Changed The Modern Economy‘.  It is truly excellent. Fantastic research, with seemingly mundane topics made very interesting. Yes, well it’s by the BBC. But anyway, the point is we are expecting 50 episodes. Then we know there will be no more. So, there are no accusations of pod-fading here.

As an individual podcaster, maybe your specific subject would benefit by being limited by an appropriate number of episodes.
Again, the point is, the audience need to know that. Manage their expectations.

Can this idea take away the pressure?

And thinking of your proposed podcast as limited from the outset, by design. Would that encourage you to start and get it out into the world? You are creating content in a format that interests you, without feeling like you must keep it going forever.

When does your podcast die?

The other thing to remember is that your podcast doesn’t die after you stop releasing new episodes. For as long as your podcast is hosted by a podcast host, then it is still available to be found as a podcast. You will therefore have an ongoing financial commitment to keep your podcast alive, but your content is still out there on the internet for people to find and listen to.

Some podcasters want to keep going forever. Some podcasters do not.
Don’t let this pressure stop you from creating and launching a podcast – however long you do it for.

How About A Podcast Discovery Session?

If you want to explore some ideas around you having a podcast then why not set up a free podcast discovery session with me? 45 minutes where we can focus on whether a podcast is right for you.

Are you ready to get started with your podcast?

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