Easy Audio Content Marketing – In 7 Simple Steps

Easy Audio Content Marketing In 7 Simple Steps

Audio Content Marketing Doesn’t Have To Be Hard!

Creating great content for our content marketing activities takes time and effort – we all know that. So it makes sense to try and leverage whatever content we do create, and create other ‘spin-off’ content from it, in different formats, to share in more places. And audio content marketing often gets overlooked in the rush to ‘do videos’.

That’s the theory but it can seem overwhelming and time-consuming. In fact that is the biggest complaint I hear from fellow business owners – all this content stuff takes loads of time which they don’t seem to have!

Re-purpose Your Blog Posts Into Audio & Video – Easily…

So today I would like to share an idea with you. You can take one of your blog posts and turn it into audio and video and share it on social media. Before you roll your eyes and mutter, let me assure you it’s quick and easy, and uses the Auphonic Audiogram Generator.

Before we get lost in details, let me explain what an Audiogram is then you can see the opportunities for using them.

What Is An Audiogram?

An Audiogram is a simple shareable video which is generated from an audio file. An image (or succession of images) is used as a background, and a dynamically generated waveform which represents your audio track, is overlaid on the background. So you get a video from an image and an audio file. Good eh?

Why Bother?

Well, audio, be it a podcast episode or a quick audio snippet, is difficult to share on social media. And many videos are played with sound muted by default. So having the audio waveform moving as the video plays encourages people to put the sound back on and listen. And by making the audio into a video, it is something easier to share, with a visual impact too.

It is also helpful for people who are visually impaired as it gives them another way to enjoy your blog posts without having to struggle to read them on a screen.

Sound Expensive?

It’s not!
Auphonic is a free service for upto 2 hours of audio so you could make plenty of audiograms with that time allowance. You also need to provide a relevant background image. Canva, also have a free option, and a ready made ‘type’ of album cover which is the correct size (1400×1400). Its lovely to use and you can create some great images with it.

Perfect For Outsourcing…

This task is also a perfect thing to outsource. I include it in my podcast services as part of the content I create from your podcast audio file.

Ok so that’s the objections out of the way – let’s get into “Easy Audio Content Marketing – in 7 Simple Steps”

Let’s Get Started!

We start with a blog post… you are writing blog posts aren’t you?

1. Find an audio recording app on your phone or use Audacity on your computer (another free tool). Hit Record, and read out your blog post.
2. Add a SIMPLE and CLEAR Call To Action for the listeners. Remember they may be listening whilst doing something else so it needs to be clear and simple and memorable and EASY for them to do.
3. Create a simple and relevant background graphic 1400×1400, or even a range of images if you want to get really into doing these.
4. Go into Auphonic and load up your audio file and your graphic.
5. Generate your audiogram. NB. you must add Audiogram to the Output files section.
6. Load the generated video into YouTube – Auphonic can also do this for you.
7. Share the finished video… everywhere!

Some Examples:

Here is my example:

Here are some examples in a Playlist on the Auphonic YouTube Channel. https://youtu.be/daYzntukv60?list=PLdNrR7qr4PWAUL8a3qbaZzlKqP0lh2myl
Here is an example of one posted on Twitter https://twitter.com/auphonic/status/859743767796097029
And Facebook https://www.facebook.com/auphonic/videos/1634541096575133/

There is plenty of Help within Auphonic on using AUphonic if you want to DIY. This post isn’t a ‘how to use auphonic’ post – I wanted to share with you the possibilities of using these audiograms by leveraging your already written blog post back catalogue.

Are YOU Ready To Get Started?

This is an examples of how my services can help you leverage your content – WITH EASE. Audio content marketing using audiograms is a nice way of using audio even if you don’t want to have a ‘full blown’ podcast. If you are interested in exploring how I can you get your content marketing ‘machine’ on the road, powered by a podcast, then please connect on my website or on social media, and lets get started.

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