How Easy Is It To Create A Podcast?

How easy is it to create a podcast

Seemingly it’s very easy to create a podcast.

A quick session in the search engines around how to create a podcast will result in a plethora of posts. Some say how hard it is. Some say how easy it is. There are ‘ninja’ strategies for this thing, and top tips for that thing, and plenty of gurus selling plenty of stuff. Some cheap. Some expensive. You know how it is.

Here are my thoughts that have come to me over the last few weeks of answering questions, and following forums and generally seeing ‘what’s what’ in the podcast world at the moment.

Is it easy to create a podcast?

It certainly is….

Easy to start off without a strong strategy of why you are doing it
Easy to make it difficult for listeners to find your podcast
Easy to make it difficult for your listeners to listen to your podcast
Easy to get obsessed about buying inappropriate equipment you don’t need
Easy to use your equipment in the wrong way
Easy to waste tons of time trying to work out what to do
Easy to re-invent the podcasting wheel
Easy to spin your wheels trying to get started
Easy to waste your guest’s time when the recording goes wrong
Easy to confuse your guest with technical stuff they shouldn’t have to deal with
Easy to create terrible sounding audio quality
Easy to obsess about your cover art
Easy to create cover art that no-one can see or read
Easy to make it time consuming and frustrating for yourself
Easy to create confusing multiple calls to action
Easy to run out of steam and stop podcasting
Easy to create episodes on an adhoc basis
Easy to find some cheap help even though they don’t actually know what they are doing
Easy to create a podcast that reflects badly on your professional status
Easy to give your podcast a silly name that no-one understands
Easy to host it for free and wonder where past episodes have gone, or hit limits over size or time
Easy to use the latest wonder app… that vanishes without a trace, taking your podcast with it
Easy to panic and descend into chaos as launch week approaches


I could add many more ‘easy to’s to this list but I think you have got the idea by now.

End of rant.

Well, actually, I want to add three more…

I make it easy for you to have a strategically planned, professional podcast that reflects your professional standing.
I make it easy for you to leverage your podcast, so it is the focus for your content creation, content marketing and social media marketing activities.
I make it easy for you to podcast.

I make it easy for you to ‘just turn up and talk’.

So if you would like to have a chat about how my podcasting services make your podcast easy – then drop me a note, let’s get on Skype or Zoom, and let’s get started!

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