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So today 28th January 2020 is International Data Protection Day. You might also see it being called Data Privacy Day. It’s been around for a number of years now and serves to remind us about data protection and data privacy. And yes, data protection and data privacy, ARE relevant for podcasters. And to help make sense of it all, and remind you, I want to share a new book today too, ‘GDPR For Dummies’.

I wrote a blog post about Podcasting & Data Protection back in May 2018 as the European Union GDPR legislation became applicable. There are more resources about this topic now, as it’s almost 2 years since it came into force. There are plenty of podcasts about data protection too if you prefer to listen.

The Practical Challenges of GDPR For Small Business & Podcasters

Regardless of how many official websites and resources there are, one massive problem with legislation like this, especially for small businesses and micropreneurs, is working out the PRACTICAL implications and practical APPLICATION. After all, most of us are not lawyers, and many lawyers are not really savvy when it comes to the unique challenges of small business, online marketing and podcasting.

But here is a new book to help us all!

GDPR For Dummies

‘GDPR For Dummies’ is newly published, written by Suzanne Dibble. She is an expert data protection lawyer, and also someone who understands, supports and serves the small business community. Suzanne really took the lead in explaining and interpreting GDPR back in 2018 (and since, of course), in a practical way for panicking small business owners to understand.

I have followed Suzanne for several years, through her Small Business Legal Academy and then for GDPR. She set up a very useful Facebook group and in the 3 months run up to GDPR ‘go live day’, every day, she did a live video answering questions and explaining the practical aspects of GDPR, as she saw them. This is still an active group, albeit it very large now, with trustworthy information and updates.

In an example of perfect timing, my copy of ‘GDPR For Dummies’ arrived this morning. I have therefore been able to combine raising awareness of Data Protection Day with highlighting this much needed new book.

GDPR For Dummies

And at time of writing, this book is also on special offer on Amazon – marvellous!
Here is a link to the book in Amazon. Yes, it’s my affiliate link, but it doesn’t cost you any more to buy thru this link and it earns a few quid for me to help keep the internet and lights on 🙂

Some Basic Privacy Reminders In My Facebook Post

And less complicated to understand, but VERY relevant for my friends on Facebook, I shared a quick post with them about Data Protection Day / Data Privacy Day.

I wanted to highlight to them the hidden dangers in taking part on Facebook in those ‘what type of mermaid / pirate are you’ type of quizzes. You know the ones…. where you are basically giving away bits of personal data.

And don’t get me started on those ‘pass it along’ images that you are supposed to share via messenger to show how much you love someone, or support a cause etc. Internet chain letters I suppose we could call them. These often spread virus and malware to your friends who click and then share again. By the way – those type of posts do die straightaway if they are sent to me. I don’t click on them, or anything. They are an utter nuisance.

Data Protection Day today! Also known as Data Privacy Day.I know, I know, sounds very dull doesn't it?But this is…

Posted by Susan Weeks on Tuesday, January 28, 2020

Friendly Reminder About Data Protection Responsibilities

So if you have a podcast, and especially if you are using it as a lead generator, encouraging listeners to sign up to your email list, then this is a friendly reminder that you have responsibilities under Data Protection legislation. And it’s not just for people in the EU. No matter where you are, if you are processing personal details of EU citizens, then you mist comply with GDPR. And yes, even ‘just’ holding name and email in an email marketing platform such as Mailchimp is considered to be processing personal data. Many countries around the world are introducing data protection law, most of it based around the principles established by the EU under their GDPR legislation.

Well I’ve done my Google privacy checkup, and have reviewed privacy settings on several online platforms I use. I’ve written this blog post, posted on social media. I’ve done my part today to spread the importance of ongoing awareness around data protection and privacy. And now, it’s time for a cuppa, and I’m off to start reading GDPR For Dummies.

What are you going to do about data protection today?

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  • Paula Goude

    13th February 2020

    Good reminder. Looks like a useful book to have too. Thanks.

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