Get Started With Using Audiograms & Audio Content Marketing

Audiograms are an engaging way to share snippets of audio, in a simple video format. A key feature is the moving sound wave to attract attention. It is the sound wave of the audio being played in the audiogram.

If you want to know then read my blog post What Is An Audiogram 

If you want audiograms creating for your podcast episodes, then I can help.

Here are a couple of steps to help you organise what we need for your audiograms.

If you just want me to do it all for you then let me know and I can do that - no problem!

Pricing starts from £20 per Audiogram - depending on what you can provide and what content editing & creation you want me to do.

  • 1

    What Is The Content Of Your Message

    Are you going to use an existing blog post, an existing piece of text content, an existing piece of audio, or are you creating something new? Let's aim for something less than 5 minutes long.

  • 2

    What Is Your Call To Action?

    This content should be 'stand alone' so what do you want someone to do after they have listened?

  • 3

    Do You Need Help Recording The Audio? Do You Need A Voice-over Artist?

    Recording basic audio for something like this can be quick and easy and you probably already have the tools to do it. But if you want someone else to record it for you then just let me know what help you require.

  • 4

    Do You Already Have A Suitable Background Graphic?

    It can be Square or Rectangular, Portrait or Landscape, depending on where you intend to share your audiogram. Is it for IGTV? Facebook, Instagram, Instagram Stories? If you need a version making to the correct size, or a new graphic making especially for this then please let me know. You can use a succession of images that can be synched up with the audio content and change at the appropriate time in the audio track.

  • 5

    We Confirm Details, I Confirm The Price, You Pay Via Paypal, I Create Your Audiogram

    When we are clear on all the details, I can confirm the price.
    You pay via PayPal and then I can create your Audiogram and send you a link so you can download it.
    Once payment has been received, you will typically get your audiogram(s) that same day or early the next day.

  • 6

    Ready To Get Started?

    Please email using the contact form below and let's get the ball rolling!

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Want Clarity & Inspiration On Using Audio Content Marketing For Your Business?

  • Audio Content Marketing Coaching

    If you want to create your own audio content and do your own marketing. A coaching package with me will:

    1. create clarity on your goals and plans
    2. keep you on track making progress
    3. help you solve problems when you get stuck
  • Audio Content Strategy

    Before you go off scattering audiograms like confetti all over the internet, create clarity on your overall strategy for using audio marketing.

  • Audio Marketing 'Done For You'

    Yes, I know you are busy, and this is yet another ‘thing’ on your plate. Let’s have a chat about wise outsourcing with me, and I will tailor a ‘done for you’ package that moves your marketing forward whilst you focus on what only you can do.