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International Podcast Day #podcastday

badge for international podcast dayIt’s a thing these days isn’t it to have a ‘day’ for something? And although I am sure we all often feel like we are trapped in Groundhog Day, some of these self-styled days are serious, whilst some are silly. Others are fun.
We have “Orange Day” designated as the 25th day of each month to raise awareness of and take action to end violence against women and girls.
We have “Yorkshire Day” which is celebrated on 1 August to promote the historic English county of Yorkshire. I’m from Yorkshire so I LOVE this one.
We have just missed “International Talk Like A Pirate Day” (September 19th if you want to mark it in next year’s diary). Arr me harties….

And tomorrow it’s International Podcast Day. 30th September 2016.

So podcasting is going to be under the spotlight. It will be interesting to follow what is going on in social media using the #podcastday tag.

One thing that I really love about podcasting is the sheer range and diversity of subjects that people podcast about. Just like these international ‘Days’ there are some that are serious, some useful, or informative, or fun or silly. I find them hugely entertaining. In fact I listen to podcasts more than I watch telly. Actually, I watch almost no telly, and spend more time listening to podcasts these days. Telly is mostly boring whilst podcasts are mostly not boring.

I was browsing through Instagram searching for podcasts, as it’s interesting to see how podcasters use images to promote their audio podcasts. There was a cool looking Surfing podcast which made me want to listen just because the photos of waves were so great. I also found one that I thought was fascinating – a podcast for chameleon breeders! Who would have thought it? I love pictures of chameleons too – they are so cute and colourful.

Anyway, I am in the final planning stages for my podcast [Stitchery Stories] so I will be keeping an eye on what’s going on on #podcastday and picking up ideas.

And how about you?
Will all this focus on podcasting finally push you over the edge from wanting to have a podcast to doing something about it? To making steps to getting your podcast started?

You know –  it doesn’t have to be complicated. Often providers of podcast services make it sound very complicated and difficult, and technical – and time consuming! It really doesn’t have to be like that.
It comes down to spending time developing your podcast idea, designing how it will complement your business. Or even designing your business to complement your podcast. People use both approaches – each great, it just depends on what your starting point is.

I will help you do that, help establish your podcast strategy and my ‘thing’ is that I make it as easy as possible for you to have a successful podcast. So you can just relax, let me take the lead on creating, launching & supporting your podcast, leaving you to focus on creating your ‘content’, showing up to record your episodes, and enjoy your podcast – not be stressed by it.

Let’s use International Podcast Day as a catalyst for getting started with our podcasts. I’m ready… are you ready to join me?


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