How I Help You Podcast With Ease – A Powerful Case Study

How To Podcast With Ease - A Powerful Case Study

How To Podcast With Ease

Podcasting can seem overwhelming

with technical jargon and processes to be followed. And time consuming.

It doesn’t have to be that way.

IF you are wondering
1. how this podcasting thing can work for you as easy as possible AND
2. what it would be like working with me

I thought you might like to read this case study.

I love to build Long-Lasting, High Quality relationships with my clients and that is certainly true of my long standing working relationship with Dr Barry Lycka, renowned cosmetic dermatologist from Edmonton, Canada.

I first started working with Dr Lycka in June 2011 as he began to ‘dip his toe in the water’ so to speak, with video marketing, and other content marketing initiatives. Six months later he asked me to get his podcast organised.

By July 2014, I had worked on & distributed Dr Lycka’s 135th weekly educational video under the banner and I also continued to work on his weekly podcast Inside Cosmetic Surgery Today on

By October 2016, I had worked on & distributed Dr Lycka’s 217th video and 208th podcast episode. And bearing in mind that for each video or podcast there was editing to be done, and episode outlines, and blog posts and articles, and detailed show notes, and social media posts and press releases, and optimisation, and video distribution, and …. That’s a lot of content!

If you would love to have your podcast and have all that content created from it, but think that you don’t have the time, and your team don’t have a clue about podcasting, then consider how Dr Lycka & I work. He records the raw video footage, and records the telephone interviews. I am informed and go and get the interviews or arrange for the videos to be accessed and edited. So it is all passed over to me, and the next time Dr Lycka sees it, it is the week before it is due to ‘go live’.

Dr Lycka knows he can rely on me to get done what needs doing, in the best way possible. He trusts me to create the associated content to a high quality, so there is no review process either. Dr Lycka leaves me to just get on with everything that needs doing, and awaits my invoice at the end of the month. I also keep him updated with the future schedule, and when he needs to take action to record more content. Due to the size of his business, Dr Lycka has other staff, teams & agencies working on his business – people for social media, people for marketing and so forth – but I liaise and co-ordinate with them as needed too.

In a nutshell for his podcast, Dr Lycka dials in and records his guest interviews, and I do everything else. It really is a case of ‘Turn Up And Talk’.

I offer podcast services

for podcast launch, ongoing podcast production & support, and podcast revamp.

I also offer podcast coaching & mentoring, strategy & project management, team management & training.

And of course you don’t just get podcast related services when I come on board…many years of delivering online marketing services have given me extensive experience, because as you have probably realised by now, having a podcast is just the start…..

IF this sounds like the way in which you would LOVE  to work –

then let me know, and we can talk about how I can help you do the same, in a ‘no-strings’ 30 minute discovery call. You can concentrate on doing all the things that you love – creating your content – and I concentrate on getting your podcast out to the world, on a regular schedule.

Here is the testimonial that Dr Lycka wrote for me in November 2013.

Overall, I’ve been thrilled. I do not hesitate to recommend Susan.

I originally hired Susan Weeks to help me with my videos. I wanted to start a video presence on the Internet as I felt the Internet would become “video dominant” over the next few years. Also, I wanted to start my own Internet radio show to become dominant as the “voice of cosmetic surgery”.

Originally, I was leery. Why? Susan lived in Europe, I in North America. She was trained in proper English, me in North American English. Could our seeming differences be bridged?

Well, my apprehensions proved to be for nothing. She not only worked on my video & radio content creation, and marketing, planning, editing, optimizing, re-purposing & writing, but she liaised with others in my team, making suggestions & improvements and creating new ideas to further develop what we can create from my videos and interviews.

Not only that but in terms of success, I would like to share with you some key metrics in terms of content creation and optimization, which she helped me achieve:

Press Releases:
As an example, from whilst I used that service, 154 optimized releases gave 53,224 views. From the first 3 press releases received 1300 views in 2 weeks.

Since Susan started working on this at the start of 2012, we have kept to a regular schedule, have optimized the episode outlines, created the detailed ‘shownotes’ documents and also implemented the recent guest marketing sheets. This show continues to grow with typically over 5000 downloads per episode. Some episodes have achieved over 7,000 downloads.
Since its launch in Oct 2011 until mid 2013 this site had over 27,000 unique visitors and over 41000 page views. This site has since been integrated this my website ( to take the traffic there.

In the 3-year period since Susan started optimizing my videos and YouTube channel, the lifetime views have grown from the starting point of 1413 views up to the level recorded in November 2013, which was at 131,231, therefore an increase of 129,818 views. My most popular video on liposuction has had 46,000 views on one version and 12,000 on another posting.
Note: as at July 2014 the lifetime views have reached 213,145.
Note: as at October 2016 the YouTube channel has reached 448,683 views

Since these videos are also on other sites – they get a great deal of viewing.

Distributed thru ArticleSnatch via TrafficGeyser the average number of downloads for an article was typically around 200, with the total number of downloads of the 80 articles created being over 14,000.

Since the launch of in oct2011 Susan has optimized and distributed via TrafficGeyser 135 videos to date, keeping to a regular weekly schedule. All these have views outside of YouTube, as they are loaded on many video sharing sites.

Overall, I’ve been thrilled. I do not hesitate to recommend Susan.

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