How To Do Facebook Live Audio

how to do facebook live audio

Last week I posted about finally being able to do Facebook Live Audio.

I have been checking for ages and ages – turns out I should have been checking my mobile Facebook app rather than my desktop version of Facebook. Oh well… it was great to finally give it a go. I got some very positive feedback from the ‘live’ that I did – and people were excited to find out about this option. They wanted to learn how to do Facebook Live Audio. Get started in 10 minutes, in fact!

Benefits Of Using Facebook Live Audio?

I think there are a lot of positive things about using audio as part of your content marketing mix. I have had a few questions about FB live audio, so next week’s blog post is focused on the benefits of using Facebook Live Audio.

In last week’s post I included some step by step instructions, and talked about how to do it in the actual ‘live’ itself. However, I wanted to make a ‘proper’ tutorial video as well.

Here it is.

How To Do Facebook Live Audio in 10 minutes.

In this 10 minute video tutorial you will learn:

  • How to check if you can use Facebook Live Audio
  • Where to access Facebook Live Audio
  • How to improve the sound quality
  • Why you should add a suitable background image
  • How to add a suitable background image
  • Where to access the Settings to control who can see your Live Audio, and what you want to happen when you are finished going live
  • A ‘Handy Hint’ so you can test in secret!
  • Starting & Finishing



So, is this something you fancy doing?

You can follow along with your phone and see how you get on. Remember you can change the settings to ‘Only Me’, and select ‘Story’ only.

You can practice going live and no-one will know what you are doing. The post is not saved when you are finished. Handy to know eh?

If you want to know what a Facebook Live Audio looks like within Facebook, here is the one I did earlier.

So if you 'know' you need to start Going Live on Facebook to get some more interaction and love on your business page or in groups BUT hate the whole video thing then here is a great alternative. Facebook Live Audio.So here's how to get started.

Posted by Susan Weeks on Monday, January 22, 2018


How Can I Help You?

I can help you make progress with audio marketing.

I can help you create and follow a strategy using Facebook Live Audio – even use it as a way of dipping your toe into the water of podcasting.

Use it as a way to find your voice.

Please Contact Me and drop me a note – I am always happy to help, and let’s schedule a chat.  😀

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    11th April 2020

    Can we add bgm on Facebook live audio,
    Just like a radio podcast

  • Susan

    15th April 2020

    Not when I tried it – it was a very simple interface.
    However, with that being said I guess you could have some background music playing in the background whilst you were speaking if that is what you wanted to do.
    I haven’t done a FB live audio for ages ‘cos i can’t do live audio on my desktop facebook, and I took FB off my phone cos I just didn’t want it on there!
    Cheers, susan

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