How To Organise Your Podcast Guests

How To Organise Your Podcast Guests

How To Organise Your Podcast Guests

How To Organise Your Podcast Guests

If you are planning on hosting an interview style podcast with guests, there are plenty of things you can do to make your life, and your guests lives, EASIER!

Once podcasters get going with their podcast they realise that there is a lot of scope for creating standard processes and documents. Or sadly, they may not – I have come across several podcasts where the host is very unorganised with regard to their guests and everything seems chaotic and very last minute. Now I don’t know about you, but I really hate that sort of thing.

For me it has been second nature to consider creating easy standard processes & documents probably because I learnt all this at an early age in my professional career when I started as a mainframe computer programmer at the Nissan car factory in the North East of England, many moons ago.

I have been planning my own podcast launch (Stitchery Stories) and touched on this issue last week in one of my posts about it ( but wanted to highlight some specific things you can do as a podcast host when reaching out to, and organising your guests. And of course, these are the things I will create for you when you are working with me as your podcast coach or producer.

You will want to create a series of standard email templates for each stage of managing your guest.

Initial Guest Invitation

In this email you will want to include information about what your podcast is about, it’s format, duration and structure. Include your typical questions that you use to structure your interview, so your guest can prepare better.
It is probably easier to use an appointment scheduling tool to organise the time when you and your guest will record the interview. Your guest can simply book into your calendar when it is most convenient for them.

Interview Confirmation

Your appointment scheduling tool will send out confirmation & reminder emails to your guest.
If you are not using such a tool then you will need to manually send confirmation & reminder emails to your guest.
At this point you should also help your guest get ready for their interview by once again sending your standard information about the show that you sent in your initial ‘reaching out’ or invitation email.

You should also include information about how you are going to record your interview with them.
For example, if you are going to use Skype, then make sure they have your Skype ID, and to connect well before the interview. You can also include information about what equipment they might like to use – headphones are preferable – and also reminders about keeping out noise, shutting down unused apps & programs so Skype runs well, and notifications and phones are on mute. That sort of thing is easy to organise and makes such a difference to your interview.

You would also ask them for their ‘Bio’ that you can include in your show notes, and episode introduction etc. Also have them send you a suitable headshot / photo with suggested size, shape & dimensions, plus additional photographs depending upon the nature of your show. They could be things such as ‘lifestyle’ pics, other relevant images, and for my podcast, I will request images of their favourite pieces of textile art.
This is your opportunity to get everything you need ahead of the interview.

Interview Thank You

Once you have had your interview, then you will want to thank your guest for their time & efforts.
Let them know when the interview is scheduled to air.

Interview Promotion

Send them a reminder the day before their interview goes live.
You can then send them links & information to help them promote the episode to their ‘tribe’ of followers & friends. So that would be links to the episode, maybe a couple of pre-written tweets & social media posts, or an image or two. Plus clear instructions what to do with them, and how to share them.

Grow Your Podcast

You might also want to take this opportunity to grow your podcast by inviting them to share your information & podcast with others in their networks who would be suitable as a guest. Many podcasts grow organically like this. This would take you full circle back to your Initial Guest Invitation process.

Managing Your Podcast

With all these moving pieces, for each guest, repeated over many guests, you can see how much more organised you will be, and how much more easy this will be, if you have some automated processes and standard documents developed and implemented.

Of course, your next challenge is managing all of these pieces, and that is definitely the subject of next week’s post! Make sure you come back and find out more… Or why not use something like Feedly to capture and manage all of my blog posts, and all the other blogs and content you want to read without having to remember, or go looking for it every time!

Creating these documents & templates is an investment of time, but one that is repaid over and over again as your podcast develops into a regular show.

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