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Easy Podcasting with Just Turn Up & Talk from PodcastProgress.com

Having a podcast is a very personal thing don’t you think?

It’s you consistently expressing your opinion, or sharing your experience, or giving advice, or providing support, or offering help. And having fun and a laugh whilst doing it. I think it gives us a good opportunity to escape from the formality that so often accompanies our work. It gives an almost unparalleled opportunity to be ‘us’.

If you are reading stuff on my blog & site then you are either a nosey friend 🙂 OR interested in starting a podcast yourself and looking around for more information about podcasting. Even better, you are looking for help to get your podcast out of your head and into iTunes!

There are plenty of sources of help but I see a lot of podcast producers and websites geared around providing podcast support which make having a podcast seem either VERY simple (too simple) or VERY complicated. Both approaches are extremes and not very realistic either. And of course podcasting isn’t free. And it can be time consuming.

But there are wise, successful business owners who want to focus on creating the actual content of their podcast – and do NOTHING ELSE. They are not interested in the how-to’s, or in the small but important implementation details, or in how it all works. Not at all. The “nit shit” of podcasting is of no interest whatsoever. However, having a successful podcast IS of huge interest. Have I just described you?

So I have some very good news for you if you just want to “TURN UP AND TALK”. You are my ideal client!

That is my key podcast service to my clients. Together we sort out your podcast strategy, you record your episodes, and I do everything else. Whether it’s starting from scratch to create & launch your podcast, or working on your on-going show, keeping it consistent, and increasing your audience, or even revamping an unloved podcast to give it a new lease of life…. that is the best way I can make podcasting easy for you.

Like the sound of “Turn Up And Talk?”
Well let’s connect and talk, and explore how that approach will work for you and your podcast.

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