I’m Launching My Podcast – When Are You Launching Yours?

Yippee! I’m Launching My Own Podcast!

Stitchery Stories Podcast Cover Art

Stitchery Stories Podcast Cover Art

Launching my own podcast is one of my goals for 2016 and now (finally) it has made it into my current 12WeekYear plan. And I am feeling very excited about it – and also rather apprehensive I have to admit. I am moving well out of my ‘comfort zone’ with this but it’s something that I want to do so I am pushing forward regardless.

Anyone I have spoken to about those first early steps to creating and launching a podcast have all said a similar thing about being nervous and excited, and pushing themselves – although one friend with a podcast did tell me the other day that she always wanted to be a ‘radio star’ so she had different motivations.

The one advantage I have however is that I actually know what to do to get a podcast launched. I can focus on the content without stressing about the ‘how to’s’ and technical difficulties that most fledgling podcasters have to contend with. That’s got to be a good thing – right?

Typically the number one mistake people make with podcasting is not having a specific system to follow, and often stumble along wondering what to do next. I have a standard new podcast project board set up in Trello which I then use to create a specific podcast project plan. I love Trello – it’s perfect for projects like launching a podcast. So that is my next step – planning out the pieces of work I need to complete, and wacking it into Trello.

Stitchery Stories is my podcast.

And I jumped the gun a little and have already created my podcast artwork (it’s logo for iTunes etc). I was ironing the other night and had an idea – stopped ironing and hopped back onto my computer and created what was in my head.

Stitchery Stories will be a fortnightly podcast on the subject of textile art and embroidery. I want it to be a lively show where one featured textile artist or enthusiastic embroiderer will share their ‘Stitchery Stories’ -their inspirations and creative journey, techniques they like, successes they have had, disasters, delights and future plans. Add in a general roundup of ‘whats going on’ and I hope this will make not only an entertaining show for fellow enthusiasts, but provide a welcome opportunity for guests to share their artistry with a wider audience. Oh and I mustn’t forget that my friends in North America call textile art, fiber art.

Why create a podcast on textile art & embroidery?

Well because I love embroidery, that’s why! I wanted to create a podcast as a showcase of my podcast production service – I really need to have a podcast don’t I? I also wanted my showcase to be independant of any clients as well. And let’s face it, the world absolutely doesn’t need yet another podcast about podcasting does it.

So I thought since it’s going to be almost a ‘hobby’ podcast, I would do it based around my hobby. And after some quick research, I found little or nothing covering my hobby anyway – even better! There are a few on sewing , dressmaking, quilting, plenty on knitting & crochet, loads on art but not much on textile art and embroidery.

And since this hobby takes time and patience, people often listen to the radio or music whilst busy with their threads and creativity, so a podcast on textile art and embroidery is the perfect thing to listen to whilst doing textile art & embroidery. And I know plenty of very interesting ladies who I can interview to get the show underway. And as an active member of the Embroiderers Guild there are many opportunities to connect with many prospective guests. I’m back to being very excited about this…

So that’s today’s anouncement & today’s blog post.

There – I’ve said it, blogged about it, given it a name & a ‘face’ so it’s real.

I’d best get on with it then.

If you want to be a podcast guest,

then please drop me a note using my Contact page for now. I’m excited – hope you are too!

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