Learn How To Use ‘Zoom’ To Run Virtual Meetings

learn how to use zoom for virtual meetings

As the impact of corona virus on our businesses and lives grows rapidly I know many business owners are now assessing what they can do to ‘weather the storm’.

Can you ‘go digital’ and run virtual meetings?

Maybe this is the time to ‘go digital’ and think about what opportunities you have for creating business opportunities online. Maybe finally get that idea of an online course out of your head and into revenue earning instead? Or stop driving around the region and do your coaching from your computer. You don’t have to be in physical contact with people and the environment will love you for reducing your emissions too. YAY

A simple way to start is to use online video conferencing.
Why not cut out the stress-inducing learning curve? You have enough to cope with at the moment without trying to work out what to do from free Youtube videos and blog posts.

Did you know that technology teaching is my thing?

I will teach you how to get started with Zoom, a popular and powerful cloud-based remote video conferencing solution. Zoom is FREE to get started and low cost when you need more powerful features.

So right now you may be thinking… but Sue, you are a podcaster and podcast producer… what do you know about teaching techy stuff?

Well I was a technology trainer long before I was a podcaster! Over the years I taught a specific computer programming language to many IT professionals. I taught and supported IT graduates at Morgan Stanley, one of the world’s global investment banks. I taught IT professionals in India. And I created and led the training function for the international IT outsourcing company which was my last employer.

For the last couple of years I have also been the online technology trainer for Freelance University (aka FreelanceU), and created and taught a number of online courses in a range of online technology programs, apps and tools.

In my blog post at the end of the year I talked about my evolution in my business and my intention to transform and build my business around creating and selling online training courses. This course is one of my first offerings, and I am writing about it here because my new website is not yet built. 🙂

Working Virtually Using Zoom

I’ve been working ‘virtually’ with global clients for 10 years, and have been using Zoom since it’s early days, and have used it for loads of different situations.

  • Connecting with clients around the globe,
  • Recording my podcast guest interviews
  • Screen sharing and trouble shooting technical problems for clients
  • Webinars & presentations
  • Receiving coaching
  • And even fun networking parties.

I have also used Skype, and other similar technologies. Zoom has better functionality and typically a much better quality too.

Learn How To Use Zoom In Your Business

You will learn how to :

  • Set up Zoom,
  • Feel confident with the settings,
  • Setup webcam & microphones
  • Schedule meetings
  • Invite participants
  • Run and manage a Zoom meeting
  • Record the zoom session
  • Access the recordings

Using clear, practical screen demonstrations so you can follow along and practice.
All accessible from your own training course dashboard, and with support from me within a private Facebook group.

I will also include advice on options for using automated calendar scheduling apps, linking them with Zoom, as well as how to receive payment in advance when a paid session is booked, with no extra admin for you!

And if you want to go further, I have training courses available to learn how to use the recordings to split out the audio if you require, or to edit the video to enhance it and re-purpose it for further uses.

Message Me For Details

If you are interested in learning these skills then please message me for more details, and to reserve your seat. Please use this contact form to register your interest and ask me questions. I am offering this course for the low price of £49 so it is accessible to anyone who wants to take the leap into virtual working.

I’d love to help you learn and make your business life easier.
Are you ready to get started?

Cheers, Sue x

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