My Podcasting Journey – Week 10 – It’s Christmas!

Stitchery Stories Week 10 It's Christmas

Stitchery Stories Week 10 It’s Christmas

Stitchery Stories  – Week 10 And It’s Christmas…

Here I am documenting my progress towards launching my own podcast Stitchery Stories. It is week 10 since I started this journey and I admit notable progress has slowed…

What Happened To Week 9?

I didn’t write a blog post about Week 9 last week, mainly because not much had happened of new interest, and definitely because I was busy with client work. I was also working on a very interesting opportunity that appeared last week as a result of my virtual networking activities in LinkedIn.
None of which have anything to do with getting my podcast up and running but they both had an impact.

Anything Happening In Week 10?

I have made an overdue start on building the show’s website. Had some tech problems with the hosting and DNS setup, and some records hadn’t propagated. It was annoying especially since I have set up webspace etc many times before. BUT patience and perseverance are a virtue so they say, and I did get the problems ironed out, and did get WordPress installed. The self-hosted wordpress.

I have also bought the Genesis framework from Studiopress at $59.95 . I need that to run the MaronPro theme from Appendipity which I have chosen for the ‘look and feel’ of my site, and it has great features specifically for a podcast. That is also $59.95

I will be working on the site over the next couple of weeks, in small amounts, as I am planning to take most of the next 2 weeks off as holiday and spend it with my 12 yr old son, family & friends. We all need time ‘unplugged’ to enjoy and recharge.

Interview Cancellations

I also had a couple of guests cancel their planned interviews for a variety of reasons. That is the one thing about having an interview based show – the extra work involved with contacting & organising guests and scheduling / re-scheduling the interview recordings. But that is the basis of my show so it’s part of the work involved in running a podcast. And I enjoy chatting with my guests!

Merry Christmas From Podcast Progress

It’s Christmas.

And of course Christmas has arrived as usual, disrupting plans & schedules, and distracting us all! I had hoped I would have more interviews recorded by now, but it has been a slower process than I anticipated.

I knew Christmas would disrupt the final stages of my project, and was probably rather optimistic in trying to launch early January.

Anyway, my next update will be on Thursday 5th January, and will be all about my final launch preparations.

Seasons Greetings!

Which leaves me to wish you all a Very Merry Christmas & A Happy New Year.

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