My Podcasting Journey – Wk1 – Getting Started


My Podcasting Journey – Wk1 – Getting Started

So last week I decided to ‘go for it’ and announced my personal podcasting project called Stitchery Stories.
I have been following step by step my own podcast creation process that I use with clients. You will see over time that I really am a ‘systems and plans’ kinda girl.

You can have a copy of my podcast plan, by signing up for your free Podcast Launch Planning Kit.
I will be writing a post per week to document my journey into being a podcast host. It’s my hope that you find this inspiring and makes you want to get on with your own podcast too!

So it’s Podcast Strategy to get started.

Start with Why!

Why do you want to set up a podcast? What will it be about? Why and what makes it different from all the others out there? What benefits will it will bring to your business?

I want to set up a podcast as a showcase. I want to demonstrate to potential clients for my podcast services that I know from experience what I am doing. Importantly for me, I want a showcase that is independant of any client work, I want my own podcast ‘real estate’ as it were.

Stitchery Stories Podcast Cover Art

Stitchery Stories Podcast Cover Art

What Will It Be About?

The world doesn’t need another podcast about podcasting, so I decided to look elsewhere for a podcast subject. After some thought – and this has been brewing for several months of course – I chose my hobby of textile art (fiber art) and embroidery. I decided to provide a showcase for textile artists and embroiderers to share their work, their influences, their techniques, their textile journey. Their Stitchery Stories.

What Makes It Different?

There are not many podcasts in the space, and not many(any?) UK based ones. Location is somewhat important in this I feel because textile artists very often also teach classes & workshops, speak & exhibit, and are in local / regional groups and societies. They often form small textile art groups for exhibition purposes too. I find it frustrating to hear about exhibitions and workshops being held on the other side of the world that I can’t take part in. At least on a regional level people will travel to workshops, events & exhibitions. The audience will be much more engaged & enthusiastic about the featured artists if they stand some chance of seeing them & their work ‘live’ somewhere!

What Benefits Will My Podcast Bring To My Business?

The benefit it will bring my business is as a showcase where I show, not tell, what having a podcast is all about. It provides potential podcast service clients with a further level of ‘know, like and trust’ that is important as I work with clients on a long term, high quality basis with their podcasts.
There are bound to be other business benefits that grow out of the podcast itself, in building a base of textile art enthusiasts as both guests and listeners. I don’t know what those will be as yet. They will reveal themselves when they are ready.

Choosing A Title

After I had thought about all of the above, I went through many iterations (again months ago) of a name and decided on Stitchery Stories. I also promptly bagged the .com and domain names. I wanted to keep it simple and to ‘do what it says on the tin’… it’s people telling stories about their stitching.

Defining Success

Earlier this week I wrote a post about the importance of Defining Success for your podcast in your terms. Well for me, going back to the goals and benefits for my podcast, then success will be:

1. Creating & launching Stitchery Stories
2. Consistently creating interesting episodes
3. Building an audience of interested and engaged listeners
4. Attracting high quality clients for my podcast services
5. Being invited onto other podcasts as a guest

That’s enough for this week I think. Next week I will be going through more strategy items, focusing on your proposed content, format, defining your ideal listener, and defining your ideal guest (if you are having one), or thinking about your co-host or podcasting partner(s) if you want those.

And remember, if you want to follow along with this process, then please sign up for your free Podcast Launch Planning Kit.

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