My Podcasting Journey – Wk2 – Podcast Format, Name and Ideal Listener

Stitchery Stories Wk2

My Podcast Journey Wk 2 What's In A Name

My Podcast Journey Wk 2

So here I am , Week 2,  of documenting my progress with creating & launching my textile art & embroidery inspired podcast called Stitchery Stories.

I am still working through strategy items; building the strong foundation to launch my podcast.

My other blog post this week was all about thinking about and choosing a suitable format for your podcast, so this is where I will start today.

Stitchery Stories Format

Stitchery Stories will be an interview format show. I will be the host and will invite guests to interview.
Guests will help by promoting their own episode to their own friends & followers, so that will help the show to grow – which is a key point for me since I am using this podcast as my professional showcase. As a side note, there are plenty of things we as podcast hosts can do to help and encourage our guests to share their episode and spread the word about the podcast. More on that in another blog post I think!

The podcast will run for around 30 minutes.
I will start off publishing an episode weekly and see how I cope with the workload. In theory fortnightly would seem ok but it’s very stop / start in the listeners mind and I want to create a habit to listen. Weekly seems more regular.

I have created several typical questions that I will ask during the interview to give it some structure and to have a couple of regular ‘features’ – I think that always works well, and provides a good opportunity for some amusing replies.

What’s In A Podcast Name? Decide Your Podcast Title.

Then the next step would be to think about a suitable title for your podcast. Again there are certain steps and questions that you can go through to come up with a compelling and interesting title. This is essential for success. Just like a book, some people will decide to listen based on just the title. Sometimes you might want to convey a benefit that the listener will realise.

You will also need to create a sense of WHO exactly the podcast is intended for, and also perhaps try and convey if your podcast has a point of view. Of course avoid jargon, keep it short and snappy as possible, and also make sure that your title accurately describes the content of your podcast. Your title is very important for helping your podcast get found in online searches.

[November 2018 Update]

You might have found advice which encourages you to add a keyword rich phrase to your show title.  So for example “Stitchery Stories – Inspiration from Textile Artists”. Don’t do it! This is a sure fire way to be rejected from Apple Podcasts, or if you have an existing show, to get kicked out of Apple Podcasts.

You can read more information here Fix your podcast title and podcast author tags

So that’s all there is to it…. 🙂
It took me a while to come up with Stitchery Stories, and my podcast is relatively straightforward. I think it says what it needs to, and to who it needs to say it. What do you think?

Your Ideal Podcast Listener

To help you with this perhaps you would find it useful to come up with 3 benefits the listener will get from your podcast. And to write out a description of your ideal listener. This is a very powerful exercise as it really helps you get very clear on who you are targetting to serve with your podcast. Who are you speaking to?

I came up with 4 benefits for the listener:

  • Inspiration
  • Information
  • Funny & Entertaining
  • Sharing their hobby

And my Ideal Listener:

textile artist, embroiderer,
who is involved in stitching in a social group of some sort – they have interested friends who share their hobby too.
(possibly a member of The Embroiderers’ Guild, possibly a member of a local stitch group / society, possibly a follower of the Royal School Of Needlework, possibly an attendee of the Knitting & Stitching Show and other major exhibitions related to the art of stitch)

And that is enough for today.
Next week I will finish off these strategy items and also talk about planning your podcast project and launch. And in case you are *wondering* … No this isn’t all I have done this week on my podcast project BUT it is enough to include in my blog post this week.

If you want help with getting the strategy and structure of your podcast off to a strong start then I am here to help.

If you want to learn more about the unique way in which I work with you, then my Podcast Services page would be a good place to start.

First Step is the Podcast Clarity Creator

Are you ready to get started? I’m here to help  🙂

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