My Podcasting Journey – Wk6 – Procrastination Attacks!

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Procrastination attacks my podcasting journey

Procrastination attacks my podcasting journey

OK it’s Week 6 and I have a painful admission – procrastination attacked this week…
In a nutshell, I didn’t do anything on Stitchery Stories this week, BUT since I have committed myself to writing a weekly blog post about my podcasting journey I realised that this week’s post would be about recognising why I didn’t do anything. Still a useful subject to write about – because let’s be honest here – this happens to us all.

Why I Didn’t Get Stuff Done This Week

Anyone that knows me knows that I am good at ‘getting stuff done.’ But those skills deserted me this week when it came to pushing forward and getting some interviews scheduled. Yes I have had a very disrupted week, with various appointments and family commitments, and various volunteer activities all happening this week, but I knew what this week would be like so there were no surprises. In the time I have had left I have been focused on my podcast production services.

So I haven’t made time in my schedule for Stitchery Stories this week, but I have also become aware of some procrastination creeping in too, particularly now I have got to the phase in my podcast project of actually getting some interviews ‘in the bag’.

Comfort Zones & Self-Awarenesss

We need to become very self-aware of why we do things, and why we don’t do things, and I am becoming more aware that I am pushing myself outside of my comfort zone with being a podcast host. And what do we do when stretching our comfort zone… usually we go into avoidance mode and do something else instead, self-justifying we are too busy, etc etc etc.

I am happy that the work I have been doing instead of this has been pushing my podcast services forward, but I am equally happy that I have now recognised the issue that was creeping up on me regarding my podcasting project.

So with that being said, my next task after publishing & sharing this post is to schedule 3 interviews. And to feel great about scheduling those 3 interviews. And I know that once I get going with this, and get those first 3 interviews under my belt then all will be well, and I will be back to feeling happy & confident. I love talking with people, and I love the subject, so I guess it’s that feeling of now being in the spotlight as it were which is making me feel a little uncomfortable… after all I have spent many, many years ‘hiding’ behind my computer!

So a very personal post today but I hope you found it useful and that when you meet a hiccup in your podcasting project, you are self-aware enough to recognise what is going on and come up with a way that you are going to push forward regardless.

When we do nothing, then nothing happens.

If you have discovered a challenge with your podcast project,

and you are not sure what to do next, then let’s have an informal chat to see how we can get you moving forward again, feeling happy & confident.

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