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Looking ahead to the launch of Stitchery Stories podcast

Looking ahead to the launch of Stitchery Stories podcast

Well – after the podcast procrastination attack of last week, I feel as if I have got back on track somewhat. I have a couple of interviews scheduled and I am looking forward to them. It has been an interesting exercise in just organising and preparing for these interviews as the majority of my guests are novices when it comes to being a podcast guest. It has, however, given me some further ideas related to my general podcast related services. More on that in the future ‘cos I’m just percolating some ideas…

Looking Ahead & Meeting People Are My Early Podcast Launch Activities

I have also been looking ahead and thinking about my early launch preparations. And I have already done two ‘offline’ marketing tasks, to help me connect with potential guests and help attract and grow my audience. Everything doesn’t have to be ‘online’ – there are plenty of opportunities to spread the word in real life too!

Yearbook Advertisement

I am a member of the Hull & East Riding Branch of the Embroiderer’s Guild,  and we are organised into Regions, and our Region (Yorkshire & The Humber region) produces an excellent, and eagerly anticipated, annual Yearbook. Every member gets a copy, and it contains not only a roundup of news from the branches, past & future exhibitions and so forth, but textile suppliers & textile artists advertise in it too.

have you listened to stitchery stories yet

have you listened to stitchery stories yet

So I have placed a half page advert in the forthcoming 2017 Yearbook, as a way of attracting attention to Stitchery Stories for growing my audience and encouraging guests.


It will be distributed in early 2017, so the timing is perfect for my podcast launch. I’ve nothing to lose at £30 have I, to meet the eyeballs of my target audience!

Business Cards

The last weekend of November is when the long standing and highly popular Knitting & Stitching Show comes to Harrogate. It is a fabulous nationwide showcase of all the latest textile artists & their work, and it’s also fabric & thread shopping heaven. I’m going, as usual, but this year I will be spending less money on ‘stuff’ but spending more time on talking. It’s another perfect opportunity to connect with some ‘national’ artists in person, to get them interested in becoming a guest. And of course to spread the word about what I am doing with the podcast and get my future audience excited and looking forward to the launch.

susan weeks podcast producer business card side 1

Susan Weeks podcast producer business card side 1

So I have had some rather nice business cards printed up that do double duty. My Podcast Producer details on one side and my Stitchery Stories details on the other side.

I am looking forward to handing them out and educating my future guests and audience about Stitchery Stories (and podcasting, no doubt.)

stitchery stories podcast on business card side 2

stitchery stories podcast on business card side 2

So even though we are using the internet and online marketing and content marketing and social media and ….. let’s not forget about real life opportunities.
If you have a podcast already or are thinking of launching one, what real life opportunities can you look ahead to and connect with to help grow your podcast? It’s never too late to be thinking ahead towards your podcast launch.

And that is it for this week folks!

As ever if you are thinking about how a podcast can benefit your business,

then contact me and let’s organise a no-strings discovery chat, and get a feel for your future as a podcast host.

Have Fun!

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