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Sometimes it’s just nice to get out of the office!

Last week I spent a lovely morning as a guest of Beverley BizMums. We met in the upstairs area of the Pepper Pot Cafe, North Bar Within, Beverley, in East Yorkshire, in a lovely relaxed mood. Of course the kids had been back to school for 2 days already and we also had that feeling of ‘let’s get started again’…

Rather than make a presentation, I thought it would be more useful to just take pressing questions from the members present. We had a range of questions that prompted quite a bit of discussion.

Music & Images – Copyright, Finding Royalty-Free, Paid & Unpaid

Sourcing music for simple videos

There is a music library within YouTube which has a large selection of ‘royalty free’ music you can use for your own video projects. You can add music to your silent video directly in YouTube . Or, you can download the track from YouTube, add it into your video in your video editing program and then upload your finished video into YouTube. As with images please check the licence conditions. If you are using music or images on something that you are going to sell then you have to have a commercial use licence.

There are also plenty of places to source ‘free royalty-free’ music snippets as well as high quality paid royalty free music sites too. Many sites also provide some free tracks even though the majority are paid. Individual music makers also often provide a selection of free music as well as their snippets and tracks for sale.

If you incorrectly use music on a video you are highly likely to find your video banned. Or it will be ‘monetized’ by the music owner, which means adverts will play before your video and they get the revenue.

Sourcing suitable images for use in our online activities & social

This is a huge subject. I previously wrote a blog post about it which has plenty of links and information to help you stay out of trouble. YES, as with using music incorrectly, when you use an image incorrectly and don’t respect the original creator’s copyright, you can get in trouble and be fined, and be asked to stop using the image.

Here is the link to the blog post.

Using Images To Promote Your Business – Important Points To Think About

Other handy facts about using images, re-sizing them, and how to help them get found.


Another previously written blog post on this subject is here.

Using Images To Promote Your Business – How To Get Your Images Found

There is also a really handy online tool that helps resize your images for specific social media platforms:


Then we talked quite a bit about Instagram.

The pros & cons of a personal vs. business Instagram account

Here is a very clear blog post which explains this subject very well – no point in me re-inventing the wheel on this one.

Should You Switch to an Instagram Business Profile?

Linking Instagram & Facebook accounts

Another nice clear post about this.

How to re-post on Instagram

This was briefly discussed then we rambled off to another Instagram point and I realised afterwards that I hadn’t answered this one. Anyway, here is another good post for you.


Strategic ways of growing our Instagram account rather than just wasting time on there….

This is a fantastic article – so much actionable advice in here. On my plan for next week, is time for studying this further AND applying it to grow my Stitchery Stories podcast Instagram account.


Instagram in 30 Days

And before I leave the subject of Instagram, here is another great resource from Hubspot to help you follow along and get more out of your Instagram account for marketing your business.


A brief mention of Twitter

We didn’t spend long on Twitter but it is something that I personally don’t use enough of. I am making more of an effort to share about my podcast episodes and to feature my guests and share their art.

So here is yet another excellent resource from Hubspot to get you start or re-inspired.

Hubspot are a great source of highly credible information on many aspects of online marketing. They produce a regular stream of high quality resources to help you. They are viewed as an industry leader so you can trust and rely on the information you read on their blog and in their many free ebooks and training resources.

And Finally:

Anyway, I think that sums up what we chatted about and this post has given you some great resources to learn more.

And if you are interested in textile art and embroidery, or knows someone who is, then my Stitchery Stories podcast is here

and also in iTunes (Apple Podcasts)


Just so that you know,

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