National Podcast Post Month #NaPodPoMo November 2017

Joining in with #NaPodPoMo 2017

… and what on earth is #NaPodPoMo ??? … well it’s another one of those challenge ‘thingies’ happening this month, and this one is National Podcast Post Month.

30 days, 30 podcast episodes.

#NaPodPoMo has it’s own website for further information, and is also apparently 10 years old!

There is a challenge for novel writing going on this month, and last month there was Inktober for artists and another similar one I was following on Instagram was Stitchtober where textile artists were creating a stitched piece every day. These type of challenges are great for getting us all doing something, and achieving something by making time and creating importance for it in amongst our daily pile of other ‘stuff’ we need to achieve. And of course we have work to do too 🙂

To join in National Podcast Post Month, or not?

OK I know I’m talking about this on the 6th November, but it was school half term holiday for my son last week so I was very much in ‘maintenance’ mode and just didn’t get on top of doing anything for this until this morning. I have given it some thought and due to a pile of things to do already scheduled, and a couple of project deadlines I have decided that I won’t be joining in with posting a podcast episode every day.

BUT…  I will be posting my weekly StitcheryStories podcast as usual. If you haven’t listened here is the iTunes link

or you can also listen by visiting

Well… Sort of! I’m Going To Share, Not Create

Even though I will not be creating a podcast episode every day, I have decided to join in, in a slightly different way.

Every weekday I am going to post and share other people’s podcasts. I won’t be doing it on the weekends. I tend to stay offline at weekends.

I will share podcasts by my friends,
I will share other podcasts that I enjoy listening to
I will share some new podcasts that I have discovered

So that’s my contribution – sharing. And if you have podcasts that you enjoy then why not share and post them here too?

Feeling Inspired And Want To Create A Podcast Yourself?

Please give me a shout, let’s have a chat and let’s get you started on your own podcasting journey.


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