On Air - My Guest Appearances On Podcasts & Live Video

It's always an honour to be invited to be a guest on other podcasts and live streamed video such as Facebook Live. And who knew? I discovered that I really enjoy it.

So if you feel like you want to get to know me better - these show me as I am!

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The Let's Talk Tech Show

Let's Talk Tech is a popular & growing podcast hosted by Winnie Anderson. It is a weekly show that demystifies the software, services, systems, and apps needed to run and grow a profitable business today.

My episode was 'Getting Stuff Done Without Killing Yourself'. It is in the Top 10 of most popular episodes in this podcast.

We talked about how to strategically work on your business, to carve out time for the strategic important work that will grow your business, how to identify what tasks to work on to move your business forward, and how to manage your projects using Trello.

We also talked about how to recognise that you need project management help, what to look for when hiring a project manager, and how to work with one when you have found them!

We split the interview into 2 parts.

Podcast Part One http://ow.ly/WUSw300ARJR

Podcast Part Two http://ow.ly/nJih300AS3L

Winnie does an aftershow on Blab where we talked more about certain topics that cropped up in the podcast interviews.

Discover Your Talent & Do What You Love

Discover Your Talent - Do What You Love is another popular & growing podcast. It is a daily podcast hosted by Don Hutcheson who interviews "individuals who have discovered their true talents and how to use them to enjoy a life of success, satisfaction and freedom."

It was included in April 2016 in an article in Inc. Magazine “The Top 35 Outstanding Podcast Picks from Entrepreneurs Like You.” Don's podcast was listed number 11.


Anyway, here is my 30 minute interview.




Facebook Live Celebrating International Women's Day 2017

International Women's Day 2017 was on March 8th and it was the day I further pushed the comfort zone and did my first ever Facebook Live.

No pressure.... it was part of a special 24hour Facebook Live event planned and hosted by Ali Price from her Motivating Mum Facebook page. An epic undertaking and one which I was proud to be invited to take part. 96 women, across the world, 10 minutes each.... one shot at doing a great job!