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get-the-right-podcast-helpThere are many ways in which help for your podcast launch and ongoing podcast production & marketing can be described. But regardless of what the help is called, the most important thing is that you think about, source and secure the right help you need. Not just any help that happens to come along. Therein lies disaster!

Make Or Buy?

So the first decision is are you going to struggle along trying to learn what to do, or are you going to find the right help to get your podcast making progress? Now the DIY route can be a good choice if you are a person who is comfortable with technology, who is quick at learning technology and if you have plenty of ‘spare’ time. If you can’t honestly answer YES to those 3 points then maybe the DIY route isn’t right for you. It will inevitably take far longer than you thought, with a lot of wasted time spent on trying very hard to reinvent the wheel.

I often come across articles where a podcaster ‘tells all’ about how they launched a super successful podcast with no resources, no list, and no idea where to start, and all in ‘just’ 5 steps, in 5 days. You know the ones I am talking about. Some will be true, some will be a glossed over version, but I think it’s fair to say that most podcast launches are just not like that. For many reasons.

No money? Well not much choice than roll up your sleeves – but then honestly, you should be looking at a faster path to cash than a podcast.

Getting Help With Your Podcast

So you have decided to buy in help. That’s another pile of things to think about.

Firstly, are you launching a new podcast for the first time?

Are you looking for ongoing support for an already launched podcast that now needs to grow?

Are you launching another podcast, and now know what it takes & what help you need?

Do you need someone who can guide you, like a podcast consultant or coach, who works through a proven system to get you to a successful podcast launch? They will tell you what to do, You get on and do it.

Do you want to pay for an online class to learn what to do, and have a group available for support & to answer each others concerns and queries? Back to you self-managing and discovering, and doing.

Do you want to follow a process and outsource different parts to different low cost providers? How comfortable are you managing a process and allocating work to people who need your guidance every step of the way? In a subject that is also new to you ??? Sounds like hard work? Well guess what! Outsourcing like that can be incredibly hard work! And not necessarily successful.

Looking around some of the websites for podcast production and editing, there is a wide variety, but the tone of most is that ‘they’ (the frontman) will be looking after your podcast. But look at the price and what they will do for that price. It has to be outsourced to low cost providers for that model to be successful. A good business model, one I’ve worked in myself, but is it the right model for you to be a part of? They frequently have a ‘production line’ feel to them.

3 Proven Ways For Podcast Help

Here are three ways in which I have supported online entrepreneurs, with varying projects including podcasts, video marketing, and project management. If nothing else these methods may give you hope that there are plenty of alternatives if you find the right person.

  1. I am provided with a raw audio file. I do everything else with zero input from the client. I call this “Turn Up & Talk”.  So that includes maintaining the schedule of episodes due out, audio editing, producing the recording for distribution, creating in-depth show notes which read much better than a straight transcription, writing blog post and posting it to the blog, creating simple graphics, writing and distributing a press release, and creating a sheet for the guest which contains all the links and information about their episode.
  2.  I coach the client through the process or project. I pull together a project plan, we decide who is doing what, and typically that is the client creating their content, and me tweaking it for optimisation purposes, and me doing the technical implementation using whatever software or service the client wants to use. Or helping them select one. I am the one managing and driving the project, leaving the client to do what they do best.
  3. I consult & advise the client, leaving them to manage and implement the project as they wish, with existing team members / suppliers / outsourced resources. In this situation I have also worked directly with the outsourced team to manage them, answer questions, and help out where necessary.

And there are plenty of other ways to work too.

Probably the best summary of what to think about when looking for help with your podcast, is this comment that I came across from Roger James Hamilton whilst talking about “4 things that make up 79% of business failures”

Outsource to experts who manage themselves, not workers who need to be managed.

Hire people who let you do more of what you do best, not people who take you away from your talents because they need to be managed.

Thanks Roger!

So if any of this is resonating with you right now, then please connect with me on Social Media or  get in touch and let’s have a chat about what podcast help you need.

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