Podcast Producer? How Can A Podcast Producer Help You?

How Can A Podcast Producer Help You Podcast

How Can A Podcast Producer Help You?

I frequently get asked ‘So what does a podcast producer do, exactly?’ Erm well it depends…. I can’t tell you what others do as there is a lot of variation in what people call themselves and what they do.
But what I CAN share with you today is what I do. You might find many of my blog posts useful too as they talk a lot about the points I make in this post.

What’s In A Name?

I call myself a podcast producer as I do a lot of work to produce your podcast and get it out to the world. Yes that does include audio editing and related content creation & writing. I keep to a regular schedule providing you with reliability, consistency and a high quality, proven service. But I also provide a lot of experience and value, in terms of general online marketing experience, project management, organisation skills, coaching & consultancy.

I take the leading role in getting your podcast done, distributed & marketed. I organise you. I work with your team if you have one. You just ‘turn up and talk’. No hassle, no drama, nothing else on your to-do list. Think of all that time you can save and then spend on what you prefer to do rather than stressing about your podcast!

Podcast Strategy

Anyway, first of all I help you establish the strategy for having a podcast in the first place. Why do you want a podcast? Is there a specific business goal you want to achieve with a podcast. What will your podcast be about? How often do you want to podcast? What are your definitions of success? How does your podcast fit with the rest of your business and online marketing activities?
This is an important aspect of starting a podcast, and one that many podcasters typically don’t do – and wish they had…

A Proven Process

I follow a proven process to develop and launch your podcast to the world. There are a lot of things that need doing – rushing off to pick up a microphone and start talking is not the first one or the most important one. I have been following my own process as I work towards launching my own podcast called Stitchery Stories, and I have been blogging about what I have been doing. You can also check out my process by signing up for my Podcast Launch Planning Kit. I suspect that you have things you would rather be doing than trying to piece together the best way to podcast?

Podcast Launch & Beyond

Podcast launch is the start of your podcast’s life and there are several important elements to plan and prepare for to make sure your podcast gets the best start in life that we can give it. Don’t leave it to chance, and don’t leave it to the last minute either. I have a specific podcast launch strategy & plan to work with, and plenty of advice, tips & tricks on how to market and promote your podcast to your followers.

Regular, Ongoing, Podcast Support

It takes a lot of time, to be quite honest, to keep your podcast going. The time of course really depends upon the format of your show, but an interview format show does take a number of hours work – every episode. There is the planning, recording, and editing. If you have guests there is all the guest planning and organising too. Then the episode needs to go to your podcast host, and then be set up correctly for distribution. Then there are show notes and blog posts, and social media posts and newsletters telling everyone about your episodes.
Hmmmmm. A LOT of work. A recent blog post featured a case study of how I work with a long term podcast client, and have been doing so over several years, on their podcast. That might be helpful to you as an example of what is possible if you choose the right level of help and support for your podcast. And importantly, how you can free yourself to focus on the aspects of your business that only you can do.

Podcast Marketing

You probably already have a team in place who are busy marketing your business. And maybe someone else who focuses on your social media. Or you might do it all yourself. Regardless of how you have your marketing organised, having a podcast adds another dimension to your online and social media marketing. I can also provide advice & support, and work with your existing team, or you, to market your podcast on an ongoing basis. Or I can do your podcast marketing for you.

You have lots of choices with your podcast.

I have many years online business experience, PLUS many years corporate business experience in management, technical training and IT. I participate in ongoing training and professional development to keep up with the fast moving world of online business and online marketing. And podcasting of course. I started my career in the late ’80s as a Mainframe Programmer and technical skills have been a feature of my career ever since.
You can easily pay someone a few dollars an hour to work on your podcasts. That will more than likely add as much organising and busy work to your plate as it might save you.

Or You Can Hire A Podcast Producer Like Me.

Or Just Hire Me. Then You Can Just Turn Up And Talk.

Are You Ready To Get Started? Let’s Talk About It!

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