A Podcast Provides Privacy For Your Listener.

podcasts provide privacy

A podcast is an excellent and versatile way of providing information, education and entertainment. As we know, it enables your listeners to consume your content when and where they find most convenient.

But Have You Considered The Aspect Of Privacy?

A podcast provides a very private way of consuming your content. We are in this era of social media where there seems to be no filter anymore as to what people share online. They don’t seem to care what the whole world can see about them, or know what they are doing, and where. However, there are also many people who would prefer that their privacy is retained. They want to consume content but do so without others knowing.

Now that probably makes this all sound rather ‘dodgy’ and that is not my intention. I just want to highlight a benefit to podcasting that you might not have considered before now.

A podcast is typically in audio format so there is nothing to see. There is nothing for anyone else to see – unlike watching a video, or reading a physical book, or an ebook. With earphones in, there is nothing for anyone to overhear. There is only a small player to see on a small mobile screen, if anything. Listen on a mobile device and you can listen anywhere you can find some peace and quiet and solitude to listen. Or sitting in a busy train. It doesn’t matter. No-one knows what you are listening to.

Podcast Controversial Topics

So a podcast is particularly suitable for topics that could be considered controversial.
I am thinking about such topics as sex and relationships, or some health issues, or even some legal or financial matters. Or even religious or philosophical matters.

I was talking with a new client last month about this very issue. She has produced a physical workbook designed to help work through relationship issues, particularly around the issue of divorce. Her book is to help couples talk about the issues and hopefully prevent the turmoil of divorce. However, she has had some feedback from women who have purchased her book that they do not feel comfortable taking it home, or have to hide it and pick their moments when they get it out and work on it.

We considered how turning the content into a podcast would help solve that problem. The podcast would compliment the book and provide content that can be listened to in privacy. That is a very attractive option in such a situation isn’t it? And of course a podcast can delve further into the subject matter, perhaps with interviews, which can further strengthen the learning and support provided in the book.

So if you are a divorce coach, a relationship councellor, a sex therapist, a specialist medical practitioner, for example, then a podcast definitely broadens your horizons when it comes to creating content that your audience desperately wants to hear, but without anyone else knowing about it.

A podcast provides privacy.

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