Podcast Service Packages

In a nutshell, I am here to SAVE you a TON of time and headspace, and stop you from wasting money and effort too. I am here to get you RESULTS.

I suppose you have already checked out a few other podcast services websites?

Well after offering those sort of generic podcast services for a while, I have come to realise that, actually, there are more appropriate alternatives. Those generic services are not aligned with the needs of the busy professional services business owners, leaders, entrepreneurs & 'influencers' that I love to work with.

You are wondering if having a podcast is right for you and your business.

You are too busy to spend endless hours trawling through the internet, watching woeful webinars, reading blog posts that only seem to talk about microphones and equipment, and of course catching yourself from getting sucked into the latest hyped up gurus latest hyped up program.....

You know you need help.

And yet, even the array of cheap podcast production teams, or 'veteran audio engineers', or podcast assistants, that are available to help get your podcast started - they don't seem to hit the mark either.

You are not ready to leap straight into 'getting a podcast'. I totally understand that.

SO here is MY PROCESS that I LEAD YOU through, moving you forward with clarity & confidence towards being the host of your own strategic podcast.

It truly is as easy as 1-2-3

Step One: Podcast Clarity Creator

Is A Podcast Right For YOU?

The PURPOSE of this package is to take you FROM curiosity or confusion about podcasting TO clarity and confidence that podcasting is right for you.

The PROCESS is to look in-depth at my 5 Key Foundations Of Strategic Podcasting.

Then we can establish the appropriate definition of success for the proposed podcast.

And Finally, we answer the final question… is a podcast right for you?

IF NO then you have saved a ton of money, time wasting and frustration by trying to launch a podcast, when it is not the most appropriate strategy for you, at the moment.

If YES then you get a podcast launch plan. You could use it to go and DIY the rest of the project. But really, why would you, when you could get started with me on Step Two

Step Two: Podcast PowerUp

Let's Get Your Podcast Launched!

The PURPOSE of this package is to build and implement all the components need to create and launch your strategic podcast.

The PROCESS is to follow my established Podcast Planning Process.

I LEAD this so it is convenient, stress-free and easy for you.

In a nutshell we will:

  • Develop the show concept, title, plan format of episodes, plan episodes
  • Develop the podcast cover artwork and episode artwork
  • Develop Intro & Outro, select appropriate music (if want music)
  • If it is with Guests, then research, connect, plan, prepare, collaborate
  • Sort out required equipment, and recording methods
  • Do test recordings & practice to gain confidence as a host
  • Set up specific podcast hosting
  • Keyword research & optimisation of all text & images
  • Establish appropriate web presence for the show
  • Establish format and use of ‘show notes’
  • Establish suitable Lead Capture offer
  • Plan podcast distribution – starting with Apple Podcasts (iTunes)
  • Plan for other destinations over time
  • Establish audio editing requirements
  • Edit audio and produce finished mp3 for distribution
  • Plan the launch
  • Plan the social media activity required for the launch
  • Plan the ongoing podcast support
  • Plan the ongoing podcast marketing activities
  • Support three episodes from recording to finished
  • We LAUNCH the podcast with 3 episodes

All processes and decisions are documented as we work through the process.

Step Three: Podcast Growth Manager

Let's Grow Your Podcast!

The PURPOSE of this package is to manage your podcast. Manage its growth. Manage its  ongoing production. Take that learning curve and hassle off your plate.

The PROCESS is to establish and follow consistent podcast production and support plans and procedures.

We look at WHO is going to support your podcast, and define exactly HOW they are going to do it.

Remember we talked about RESOURCES that you had for ongoing podcast episode support? Now is the time to put them to use! If you need more help in your team, I can help you find them.

I will setup your ongoing Podcast Processes:

  • Podcast Production Calendar
  • Episode Planner
  • Guest Management
  • Episode Production
  • Episode Content Re-purposing
  • Episode Marketing

I will document these processes and plans. And, I will provide full handover and training.

For an additional monthly retainer, I can provide my monthly podcast management service.

  • Track & analyse key metrics
  • Ongoing improvement activities
  • Ensure processes are running smoothly
  • Troubleshoot any issues
  • Adopt new best practice and ideas
  • Monthly progress call

All you do is focus on your content and 'Turn Up & Talk'... whilst I manage your podcast.

Sound Good?