Podcasting For Bloggers : My presentation to The Blogging Mums Club Conference 2019

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On September 24th I delivered my presentation called “Podcasting For Bloggers” to The Blogging Mums Club Conference. I had seen a call for presenters several months earlier and thought that an audience of UK-based blogging mums would probably like to hear some straight talking and sensible facts and information about podcasting.

Relevant for bloggers

I have presented at several online conferences and summits about different aspects of blogging, but wanted to consider if there were specific points relevant for an audience of bloggers.

As you can probably imagine I read a lot of articles and posts about podcasting. And in July one really caught my eye in Search Engine Journal called ‘Podcasts More Popular Than Blogs’.

It is a nice simple read which explains how an analysis of searches for blogging related terms and podcasting related terms are changing, as revealed by Google Trends. For the details, go and read the article – I won’t get bogged down with the details here.

The leading paragraph states this:

” Data shows that blogging and blogs are on a downward trend and podcasts are gaining popularity. Content consumers are increasingly turning to podcasts for content. Google Trends shows that searches for podcasts have surpassed searches for blogs. The implication is that it may be time to consider how podcasting fits into consumer outreach and whether blogging is still useful.”

WOW. That is some statement.

Anyway, I wanted my presentation to be a ‘hype-free’ zone – there is too much hyperbole around podcasting as ‘gurus’ shout about all the millions they make from podcasting. That is great for them, but their reality is not the reality for the audience of The Blogging Mum’s Club Conference.

The full title of my presentation was:

Podcasting For Bloggers – Step Up, Speak Up & Launch Your Podcast : Grow Your Blog Audience Through Podcasting.

I structured my talk around these sections.

  • Podcasting as a method of reaching a different audience
  • Podcasting as a way to stand out & be known as the expert in your niche
  • What Is a Podcast
  • Podcasting in 2019
  • Too Many Podcasts?
  • What Is A Strategic Podcast
  • The Benefits OF Strategic Podcasting
  • How Will A Podcast Grow Your Audience
  • Your 2 Podcasting Choices (from a bloggers perspective)
  • What To Podcast About
  • Next Steps

If you are curious about podcasting for bloggers, then please watch my presentation! It’s 45 minutes. It could save you hours of research and time-wasting…

Afterwards, Debbie O’Connor, the organiser of The Blogging Mum’s Club Conference said of my presentation:

So here is my presentation – I hope you find it of value.

And if you have any questions for me, why not pop over and follow my Podcast Progress Facebook Page.
You can ask questions there, and also see the other useful information I share and comment about Podcasting. And that way, other people can benefit from your questions and my answers too.

So in closing, remember, I am here to help you Step Up, Speak Up, Stand Out and Launch Your Podcast 🙂

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