Podcasting Strategy: 7 Things To Nail Before You Hit Record

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Podcasting Strategy: 7 Things To Nail Before You Hit Record

In my last post I shared the story behind the story I told as the 3 minute introduction to a 45 minute live presentation on podcasting strategy.  I made the presentation as part of the Online International Virtual Assistants Conference on May 18th 2017. The video featured in that post was 3 minutes and only featured that introduction.

But today I would like to share with you the whole presentation. I have removed the chit chat from the start and end of the presentation but the rest is exactly as I presented it – sneezing fits included! And don’t worry the introduction is of course included within this video so you haven’t missed anything!

The presentation takes you through 7 key elements of podcasting strategy that are highly important. In fact you really do have to ‘Nail Them’ so that your podcasting efforts grow from solid foundations.

The presentation format was as follows:

  • podcast context
  • what is a podcast
  • benefits of podcasting
  • some key facts & figures on podcasting in 2017
  • levels of competition in podcasting
  • One: Why Podcast
  • Two: Define Success
  • Three: Ideal Listener
  • Four: Podcast Format
  • Five: Podcast Title
  • Six: Podcast Artwork
  • Seven: Intro & Outro
  • Summary – It’s Just The Start!

Here is the video of the whole presentation.

I have included plenty of examples and stories so I hope you find it informative AND interesting.

And from a content marketing perspective,

this one presentation has enabled me to create several pieces of content.

I created a short video of the 3 minute introduction, as an engaging taster of the whole presentation. I have created a longer format video for the whole presentation. Both of these videos have been uploaded to YouTube. The two videos were shared on my Facebook personal profile, and my Facebook Page. I also used them as the basis of my weekly mentor post within the private VAClassroom University Facebook group for current students. I am the Content Marketing Mentor for VAClassroom University, so this presentation was a good opportunity to share something unique and relevant.

LinkedIn is another destination where I will be sharing these videos. The slide deck will also be shared onto SlideShare, and I am going to create at least one Audiogram too.

What else? Oh yes, I have written these 2 Blog posts – this one and the one for the introduction only part of the presentation. And I am going to post images in Instagram.

Leverage Your Time & Your Content

Obviously it took me several hours to create the original PowerPoint presentation in the first place, and it has taken me a couple of hours or so in video editing, blog post writing and sharing, but look at the amount of unique and interesting content I have been able to create. Content that reflects my podcast services and my content marketing services too. Oh and they also reflect my personality, style and point of view. Something else to note is that I am spreading the sharing over time – it is NOT a good idea to ‘dump’ your content everywhere, at the same time.

Well worth it – don’t you think?

If this has got you intrigued about podcasting and you want to find out more then get in touch and let’s organise a FREE  discovery session so we can talk about your ideas and I can answer your questions.



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