Podcast Progress Is Now Live!

Yay! After a real push in February, I have ‘hit publish’ on my new website…

I have re-designed my business and am very happy to be focusing my services around Podcasting.

Creating Podcast Progress For Busy Entrepreneurs

As a podcast production specialist I have created a range of service packages which I am excited about and I hope that you are equally excited about the opportunities and benefits that having a podcast will bring to you.

I am in the early stages of setting up my own podcast … more about that later… and there are various items on this website which are *not quite finished* such as the Podcast Launch Planning Kit, but I am a great  believer in taking some imperfect action rather than waiting for ever for that perfect, totally finished creation to emerge into the world. We all know what happens in that situation – don’t we?

Update! Everything On This Website Is Now Finished.

Well for the time being – because a website and blog are never finished are they? So if something doesn’t work, please bear with me, and why not just get in touch anyway. Let’s have a chat and get started on your podcast.

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