September 2021 Updates

susan weeks september 2021 blog update

Not much has been happening over here since March 2020! But I’ve been very busy elsewhere. Here’s a quick update and an outline of what’s coming next.

Annoyed with podcasting hype

After several years offering podcasting services I became very unhappy with the amount of hype and frankly misleading crap I was seeing and hearing about podcasting. All the celebs jumping on the podcast bandwagon, drowning out people with something genuinely interesting to say. Unrealistic expectations being stoked by endless posts about making millions from podcasting.

My own podcast opportunities

My own textile art podcast, Stitchery Stories, continued to grow and offered some great opportunities if only I could spend more time to develop its revenue generating potential.

Focus on creating online training courses

I was also spending more and more time creating online courses and being a mentor, going back to my love of training which started whilst I was working at Nissan and I created my first course back in 1996.

The pandemic hit and lots of my textile artist friends, podcasts guests and audience started to reach out for help in ‘getting online’ and in particular asking how they could teach online now that all in-person events had been cancelled.

Making the leap

A new and exciting opportunity opened up in front of me and I decided to make the leap.

I stopped offering podcasting and online marketing services. Yes that felt scary – but right.

I started to develop a new business based around creating and selling online courses.

So the last year and a half have been very busy as I have built a new business and developed and started selling my main ‘signature’ course “Crafty Online Course Creation” which teaches arty, crafty, creative business owners how to create, launch & market an online course. I am in the final stages of that activity, and I am (finally) tidying up all my variety of websites and online presence.

A new focus for this website – podcast training

Wondering what to do with this website, I was tempted to just delete it. But many of the podcast blog posts I worked hard to create are still relevant today. And I have 2 very relevant online courses that I can sell from this site too, another in development, a low price product awaiting some attention, plus a podcast coaching package. All good reasons why I should keep the website, and start updating it.

This site will be ‘bare bones’ for a while yet as I have my main training business website to create from scratch. Stitchery Stories website also needs an upgrade. My goal is to have all 3 websites changed and upgraded ready for 2022. 

Online courses around podcasting

These courses have been available for a couple of years within a popular global freelancer training platform, and they have been well-reviewed and enjoyed. As the creator and copyright holder it has long been my intention to start selling them under my own name. This plan is finally taking off. YAY!

I will be getting the courses ready for launch & sale, one by one, over the coming months, and heading into 2022. In the meantime please just ask for further details if these are of interest to you.

  • Practical audio editing using Audacity £99
  • How to create and launch a popular podcast £99 (2021 updates)
  • How to podcast using Anchor £49 (coming Q4 2021)

Other online courses available soon!

Through my online ‘school’ I have several courses coming online at

  • Crafty online course creation : 7 steps to faster and easier digital course creation
  • Take your teaching online with Zoom video conferencing
  • Learn how to use Mailchimp for email marketing
  • Mastering Shopify : the step-by-step route to making a successful start with ecommerce
  • Practical Pinterest marketing
  • Practical Instagram marketing

and under development Q4 2021…. a practical course on making the most of Canva 

So that’s where I am and what’s happening with this website and elsewhere

I’m looking forward to serving you with my courses, supporting you whilst you learn new skills to apply to your business to make your business more sustainable, less stressful and enjoyable. 

I’m here to help you build online courses so you can build a sustainable business.

But I’m still here to help you build a sustainable podcast too 🙂

And I’m always cheering you on!


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