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Why Shindig Is Great For Podcasters

As you may have noticed (!) there seems to be a lot of live video streaming tools, apps, & platforms coming alive, all with slightly different features and characteristics. Some are great for you to do a live video, presenting to ‘the world’. Some are great for involving a couple of others as well.

Many podcasters have found that using some form of live video streaming really complements their podcasting activities. Blab was much loved by podcasters but it ‘died’ mid-August 2016 (read why here ). A group of my friends have been testing out other alternatives as they discover them – I’ve been involved with some of those tests and it has been quite an eye-opener!

Introducing Shindig

Anyway, last week I attended a couple of ‘shindigs’ and it was a lot of fun. No – I didn’t go clubbing in Newcastle Upon Tyne, I’m a bit old for that now. I’m talking about an online Shindig, via

“Shindig is a turnkey solution for online video chat events.”

I sat in on a live episode of  The Let’s Talk Tech show hosted by my friend Winnie Anderson, with Shindig founder Steve Gottlieb. So it was the 2 talking heads video interview / webinar that we are becoming accustomed to seeing, but I wanted to highlight a couple of really nice things about the platform.

When you join an event, there is a backdrop – the one I attended had a backdrop of a large theatre with loads of seats. Superimposed on that are the main ‘windows’ for the host and guest. But what is really great is that via their webcam, each attendee is visible as a small thumbnail video image as well. Yes you are live via video too, so don’t pick your nose!
At first you will wonder why all the thumbnail squares are moving about and joining up. Let me try to explain.

You know when you attend a typical webinar these days, even if it’s video based and you can see the host, they can’t see you, no-one can see you and really the interaction is limited. While you are waiting to start, the chat box will be rolling along with people who ‘know’ each other, or just chatting, so you are seeing their conversations too, even though most of it makes no sense to you at all.

Attendees Interact Using Live Video Too

Well a unique feature of Shindig is that attendees can interact using live video too. It’s great. You spot a person you want to chat with and click on their video thumbnail. You see your two ‘squares’ move and join together, and then when you are ‘joined’ you can privately live video chat with them. Just like that with a click – no messing about. This is just the same as turning up to a real life event, walking into the presentation room and seeing someone you know, and going over for a chat. Or attending an event with a friend and exchanging comments as the event progresses.

Another great feature is that you can shine a spotlight on an attendee, who then takes part in the discussion too – like the ‘hot seat’ idea, but again in live streamed video. Attendees can video chat with the host, to ask questions and so on. There is so much more interaction when the live video element is added in.

Shindig For Podcasters

So for podcasters I see a lot of scope, not only for an interactive way of creating your episodes, but for spin-offs such as after show events, live Q&A events and so forth. Seems like the perfect platform for educating & interacting with the audience in the same way as you would in real life.

Sound Interesting? Well there is plenty of information on the website, plus demos, case studies and a listing of scheduled events, so go and check it out, and sign up for a free demo whilst you are there.

Is this something you might consider to compliment your podcast?

If this sounds exciting, but you don’t even have a podcast yet, and are wondering where to start, then sign up for my FREE Podcast Launch Planning Kit.

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