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Great! Here are a couple of steps to help you get started creating Podcast Progress.

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    Sign Up For the FREE Podcast Launch Planning Kit

    I created this to help you get started in a meaningful way. It also helps you prepare for our Skype chat ­čÖé
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    Work Though The Podcast Launch Planning Kit

    Just downloading it onto your computer really doesn't help you - you know that

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    Schedule Our Chat On Skype

    Drop me an email using the form below so we can sort out when the best time to chat is. I'm in the UK but work globally so don't worry about timezones - I'll work in yours to keep things easy.

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    Connect On Skype

    My Skype ID is VirtualityWorks - please send me a connection request - I'm looking forward to having a chat with you.

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Three Key Services from Podcast Progress

  • Podcast LAUNCH Service

    Give Your Podcast A Strong Launch – let’s get your podcast strategy sorted, your launch planning all organised, the techy bits tamed, your shiny new podcast into iTunes New & Noteworthy, and get people listening to it & talking about it…

  • Podcast Support Service

    Keep the momentum going on a regular basis. YOU create your podcast episodes… then I do all the rest.┬áGet it DONE, on a regular schedule, without getting OVERWHELMED.

  • Podcast ReVamp

    Already have a podcast but unhappy with it – has it lost it’s way? Let’s review your progress and challenges, sort out a revamp plan and RELAUNCH your podcast so you and your new listeners give it the love it deserves.