Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the latest questions I have been asked.

I'll keep adding them as they get asked!

Do I have to be a geeky guru to have a podcast?

Seriously - NO. It's a great medium for anyone to get to grips with. Like anything else, there are a series of steps and techniques that have to be learnt to be able to create and host a podcast. And there are always plenty of sources of help available for wannabe podcast hosts, and of course, services like mine if you prefer to let someone else to the hard work for you, while you focus on taking advantage of the opportunities your new podcast is bringing you.

Doesn't Everyone Have a Podcast Already? Aren't There Too Many Already?

Whilst podcasting has really taken off, particularly over the last few years, there are still plenty of business opportunities by having a podcast. 'Everyone' does not already have a podcast. In fact for every 1,700 blogs out there, there is only one podcast. So there is space for you. It is a great opportunity for you to be you, and a podcast can often be a catalyst for change and opportunity, and podcast hosts repeatedly report being offered many unexpected opportunities as a result of them having a podcast for their business, or hobby even.

Where is your podcast?

At the time of hitting publish on this website, my podcast is in it's early stages of creation. It's the next thing to get on with after website building and some marketing. It's going to be called Stitchery Stories, and will be a podcast featuring textile artists sharing their stories about their adventure in to textile art and their work, and other textile art related matters. I love textile art, I love making textile art and I already know plenty of textile artists who welcome the opportunity to talk about their work and be featured on a podcast.