National Podcast Post Month #NaPodPoMo November 2017

Joining in with #NaPodPoMo 2017

… and what on earth is #NaPodPoMo ??? … well it’s another one of those challenge ‘thingies’ happening this month, and this one is National Podcast Post Month. 30 days, 30 podcast episodes. #NaPodPoMo has it’s own website for further information, and is also apparently 10 years old! There is a challenge for novel writing…

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What Is Podcast Hosting & Why You Should Care

As a soon-to-be podcast host do you know what is podcast hosting? Do you even care about this, yet? You might want to focus on your podcast content and hire a podcast coach or producer or assistant. They will help you get the podcast planned, launched and supported. Or you might want to Do It…

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How I Help You Podcast With Ease – A Powerful Case Study

Podcasting can seem overwhelming with technical jargon and processes to be followed. And time consuming. It doesn’t have to be that way. IF you are wondering 1. how this podcasting thing can work for you as easy as possible AND 2. what it would be like working with me THEN I thought you might like…

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Is 2017 YOUR Year For Podcasting?

OK it’s the start of the New Year and there are the usual blog posts and articles about how podcasting continues to grow and that 2017 is going to be a really BIG year for podcasting. I’ve posted a few on my Facebook Page recently that you might find interesting. For sure the trend in…

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2016… Ups, Downs, & Visible Forward Progress

Yes here we are 28th December 2016. Where did that year just go? I know there has been all sorts of stuff going on in the wider world, and I don’t know about you, but it’s been an interesting year from my perspective. I started the year with a desire to shift my business services…

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