Podcasting & Data Protection – a practical viewpoint

podcasting and data protection

OK so data protection is uppermost in our minds these days for a number of reasons. But have you stopped and thought about any data protection and privacy issues around your podcast? You may have heard about GDPR.… a phrase likely to induce boredom, yawning, frustration, anger even…. or maybe you think it doesn’t affect…

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My Biz, My Way, My Solopreneur Story

blog image - my biz my way my story susan weeks podcast progress

September 2008 What Shall I Do? It’s September 2008, I am living in Northern France and I’m at a massive personal and professional crossroads. Do I apply for a job at the local supermarket? Or do I apply for a job at the chicken factory? Surely there must be another way? Can I be a…

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Celebrating My Podcast on International Podcast Day 2017

blog post - Celebrating my podcast on International Podcast Day

International Podcast Day is the 30th of September. It falls on a Saturday this year but no matter, there will be a lot of chatter about it over social media over the weekend. Last year I wrote a blog post about International Podcast Day and was talking about it as a launch pad to add…

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7 Types Of Podcast You Can Launch – Which One Lights Your Fire?

7 Types Of Podcast You Can Launch – Which One Lights Your Fire? As you are thinking about having your own podcast it is very important to make sure that you spend time working out your podcast strategy. This is one post in a series I am writing to help you think about some important…

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Get Inspired About YOUR Podcast Plans – International Podcast Day 30Sep16

  International Podcast Day #podcastday It’s a thing these days isn’t it to have a ‘day’ for something? And although I am sure we all often feel like we are trapped in Groundhog Day, some of these self-styled days are serious, whilst some are silly. Others are fun. We have “Orange Day” designated as the…

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