Do You Have To Podcast Forever?

Do You Really Have To Podcast Forever?

Do You Have To Podcast Forever? If you are thinking about launching a podcast for your business or hobby, the feeling of commitment can be rather overwhelming. I was chatting with a coach last week. She has done many interviews over the years, with some well-known, ‘high flying’ guests. However, she isn’t interested in a…

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A Podcast Provides Privacy For Your Listener.

podcasts provide privacy

A podcast is an excellent and versatile way of providing information, education and entertainment. As we know, it enables your listeners to consume your content when and where they find most convenient. But Have You Considered The Aspect Of Privacy? A podcast provides a very private way of consuming your content. We are in this…

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My Podcasting Journey Wk 11 – Podcast Website & Getting Back On Track

January 2017 Back To Work. Unusually for me it’s taken me some time to get my head back into my work – just shows that I needed the break and that I was successful in ‘not thinking about work’ over the holiday period. And that’s very hard usually for us business owners isn’t it? Plenty…

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Is 2017 YOUR Year For Podcasting?

OK it’s the start of the New Year and there are the usual blog posts and articles about how podcasting continues to grow and that 2017 is going to be a really BIG year for podcasting. I’ve posted a few on my Facebook Page recently that you might find interesting. For sure the trend in…

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Do You Want To Build A Podcast?

So today a silly idea wormed it’s way into my head and would not worm back out again, so what else could I do but follow along. It’s nearly Christmas, so for no other reason here is ‘Do You Want To Build A Podcast’. Yup – sing-a-long to the tune of ‘Do You Want To…

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