How To Find The Time To Launch Your Podcast

For most people, launching a podcast is a specific strategy to complement an existing business. Unless of course it is done purely just for fun, as a hobby. But even then – the BIGGEST challenge to getting your podcast to the launch pad is actually finding the time to get on and do it. Finding…

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Podcast Strategy – Do You Have A Podcast Inside You?

Before your podcast dreams go any further, you have a critical podcast strategy question to answer… Do you have a podcast inside you? There is a lot of brain work needed to look at the strategy of what you are doing. And why you are doing it. And a crucial part of that is to…

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Who Needs A Podcast?

Do You Need A Podcast? When I first start talking with people about podcasting they typically think that it is interesting, and great for someone else to be involved with, but can’t see why their business needs to have a podcast. Firstly having a podcast undoubtedly leads you to being seen as a recognised expert…

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7 Reasons YOU Benefit From Podcasting In Your Business


When talking about podcasting with my business friends (or anyone else who will listen of course!), the questions soon turn to ‘why bother?’ What are the podcasting benefits? Podcasting Benefits for Female Service Professionals? I have been thinking about the challenges female service professionals face in getting their message heard above the generally male dominated…

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