Celebrating My Podcast on International Podcast Day 2017

blog post - Celebrating my podcast on International Podcast Day

International Podcast Day is the 30th of September. It falls on a Saturday this year but no matter, there will be a lot of chatter about it over social media over the weekend. Last year I wrote a blog post about International Podcast Day and was talking about it as a launch pad to add…

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Do You Have To Podcast Forever?

Do You Really Have To Podcast Forever?

Do You Have To Podcast Forever? If you are thinking about launching a podcast for your business or hobby, the feeling of commitment can be rather overwhelming. I was chatting with a coach last week. She has done many interviews over the years, with some well-known, ‘high flying’ guests. However, she isn’t interested in a…

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My Podcasting Journey Wk 11 – Podcast Website & Getting Back On Track

January 2017 Back To Work. Unusually for me it’s taken me some time to get my head back into my work – just shows that I needed the break and that I was successful in ‘not thinking about work’ over the holiday period. And that’s very hard usually for us business owners isn’t it? Plenty…

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Do You Want To Build A Podcast?

So today a silly idea wormed it’s way into my head and would not worm back out again, so what else could I do but follow along. It’s nearly Christmas, so for no other reason here is ‘Do You Want To Build A Podcast’. Yup – sing-a-long to the tune of ‘Do You Want To…

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7 Strong Reasons Your Podcast Needs It’s Own Website

Are you planning your podcast and wondering if it needs it’s own website? Or are you working with a podcast producer (like me 🙂 ) and your podcast website is next up for discussion? Why bother? Do You Need A Website For Your Podcast? Whilst actually you don’t NEED a website for your podcast because…

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