Susan Weeks podcast producer - Relax I take excellent care of your podcast

I teach you how to create & launch your podcast faster & easier and get your message out to the world sooner!

Ignite Your Visibility & Expert Status - Launch Your Podcast

You want to spread your message to a wider audience. You want to build your expert, thought leader reputation. You think launching a podcast could  be your answer.

BUT you are not sure. There is plenty of conflicting, confusing hype around podcasting. You are getting stuck in research mode. Meanwhile, your competitors are doing the same. You really don't want them to launch a podcast ahead of you - do you?

What you NEED is sensible, practical advice on podcasting. You don't need to hear any more 'Guru B.S'  - I'm sick of listening to all that misleading crap, and I feel so angry when people get sucked in. So I've created something different for you!

Back in 2011 I started supporting a client with their podcast, have supported others over the years. I launched my own globally popular podcast Stitchery Stories back in July 2017.

I have taken my 10 years podcasting experience, and my 20 years of online training experience and created a five star-rated online course on 'How To Podcast'. It will be available for sale at the end of September 2021.

I also offer a 'hand holding' podcast coaching opportunity where I guide you step by step through my proven podcast process, cut through your learning curve and stress and make it faster and easier for you to create and launch your podcast... finally!